11th Annual Chance For Life Charity Poker Tournament Returns to Sphinx Club in D.C. Saturday February 27th

I’ve personally been fortunate to have found myself over the years within Brad Nierenberg’s group of Supporters. What does that mean? Well, Brad, is not only the CEO of RedPeg Marketing, a prestigious national experiential marketing firm headquartered in Old Town Alexandria, VA which boasts a client list ranging from Verizon, to Bud Light, to Twitter, TD Bank, to Mercedes Benz, to Enterprise and more, (and he’s extremely well respected in the YPO, entrepreneur, and business leader space) he is also the founder of Chance for Life, the annual event that brings together hundreds of poker players for charity. So, I’m a supporter of what he does, but moreover, a fan of why he does it. The guy is humble, so humble, he’ll ask me to stop writing about him and move toward the cause itself, (ok Brad, I will do so!)..

Chance for Life Invite-2

Here’s the deal:
Chance for Life, which is Saturday, February 27th, was inspired by Kennedy, who was stricken with a spinal cord tumor at age 2. Brad, being friends with her parents sought to help in the best way he could, which was raise money to help with surgeries from his extensive network. Over the years, as Kennedy went through painful cancer treatments, not only did the group grow to help her and her family, but the event exploded to an all day poker tournament, wine tasting and after party. It grew so big, it had to exit the original home in Georgetown’s City Club and move to the Sphinx Club last year for the 10th anniversary. But this hasn’t been just about Kennedy and her brave journey, it’s about raising big money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer and Spinal Cord Tumor Association, Inc. She humbly attends every year and thanks the sponsors, players, guests for continuing to be there for every child and family member affected by the disease.
You can join in on the fun, and believe me, as someone who has attended almost every year (one year I played in between NBC4’s Jim Vance and actor Scott Elrod of “Argo” and looked directly into the eyes of Washington Redskin Shawn Springs) it’s worth the all day and night commitment. Who will be there? Picture hundreds of people, media personalities, business leaders, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and so on. It’s a blast! Here’s how you can be involved:
Sponsorships/Table Sales
The success of CFL really depends on the purchase of 9-seat poker tables to the event. If you have friends, family, former coworkers, others that might be interested in what is truly DC’s best party, this is a chance to get them in with some great benefits in the packages. The full packages are listed HERE. 
Make sure you follow the @ChanceforLife Twitter Page Use #CFL2016 and Like the Facebook Page. Join in as much as you can, early and often!
Individual Tickets
Find the link to get tickets HERE. If you are someone who isn’t into playing poker, but still wants a party these options are perfect. There are basically 5 kinds of individual tickets:
  1. Poker Only Ticket (currently $325)
  2. Poker Spectator Tickets— attending, but not playing poker (currently $100)
  3. Wine & Chef’s Tasting ticket that grants you access to the Dance Party (currently $150)
  4. Dance Party only ticket (currently $85)
  5. All-Access ticket that gets access to all 3 events (currently $400)
  • Keep in mind that these prices will go up on Friday, January 22 and again on February 6, so the sooner the better!

Thank you again for being a part of a Washington, D.C. regional tradition that started with a sincere effort to help a small child 11 years ago.

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