19th Annual Love Letters for Literacy

19th Annual Love Letters for Literacy

2012 Love Letters Invite

The 19th Annual Love Letters for Literacy takes place one day post the Valentine’s holiday, but hey, this is a way to make our amorous words last longer.  As someone who loves to read and write and actually, yes, I truly enjoy handwriting letters and cards and sending them the ye old fashioned way, via USPS, this particular event I find to be very romantic.  My own boyfriend captured my heart early on because he hand wrote out a two page card (later he confessed he had multiple copies of the blank card in case his cursive was less than desirable) and left it at my front desk along with a personally chosen gorgeous floral arrangement.  How did he ever know that was the key to my heart?

Love letters date back for centuries and in an age of text message relationships, Facebook messages, GChats, and email sentences ending in “Please excuse my brevity and typos”, it’s refreshing to appreciate a long form letter of adoration. The event benefits the Washington Literacy Council, an organization dear to my heart.  Reading, writing, simple comprehension of our language and being able to communicate effectively are life tools many of us take for granted.  We should not.

And P.S. Just because he lassoed me with one love letter doesn’t mean he has thrown that by the wayside; he keeps a habit of leaving love notes around for me to discover…now that’s romantic.

About the 19th Annual Love Letters for Literacy:

National Museum of Women in the Arts | 6:30pm | Evening’s Master of Ceremonies Byron Pitts of CBS News | Broadcasters, authors and celebrities will read love letters aloud | cocktail reception | dinner & dessert

For more information and to register, please go to: washingtonliteracycouncil.org

About the WLC:

The Washington Literacy Council (WLC), founded in 1963, is one of the oldest adult literacy programs in the District. We serve adults who have the most limited reading skills, fewest job resources and greatest employment needs in the District of Columbia.

The WLC program is intensive, providing direct reading instruction offered by a small staff and more than 180 volunteers. Through small group instruction and one-on-one tutoring, our program provides reading education and ancillary services to more than 160 students each year who have limited reading skills or pre-reading skills. In 2010, we awarded certificates to 43 students who made significant gains in reading or who completed the program.

About Pamela Sorensen:
Pamela Lynne Sorensen is the founder of Pamela’s Punch, a platform for profiling people who "make it happen" in the Capital region, reviews & topical blog posts. She launched Punch Enterprises, a connector consulting business in 2015 and Pacific Punch based in LA, in 2012. Pamela comes from an extensive background in sales and business development from a variety of industries, has been involved with charities and fundraising for a number of years and holds several Board and leadership positions. She currently resides in Arlington, VA. Follow her on Twitter at @pamelaspunch.
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