A Happy Birthday Welcome Home Housewarming Party

A Happy Birthday Welcome Home Housewarming Party

housewarming party and baseball game 001 If Saturday evening’s party for Stephen Ball, Quinn Bradlee, Pamela Brown and Lindsay Volckmann was any indication of what Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee could do for a housewarming party – I can only imagine what their idea of a wedding reception would be like.  (I know have a long history of throwing great parties and fundraisers.)  This party, which many of we invitees thought, “Oh, how nice, a cocktail reception, a casual time to gab with old friends, eat some nice appetizers, etc.”  How wrong we were.  The door list was strictly enforced, and we soon found out why.

(Pictured: Andrea Rodgers, Anna Kimsey and me before we walked down the path to the REAL party)

housewarming party and baseball game 003 While we first tightly gathered in the immediate terrace area where there was a bar, after about 30 minutes or so, we kept hearing, “You guys need to go down the lighted path, there is another bar down there.”  So, we wound (and wobbled in our heels) down the little path which ended at the pool, some tables around the pool, another bar and yes: A tent complete with tons of white tablecloth tables set up, candles, a dance floor and performing band.  I was like: Are you SURE this is just a housewarming party?  The setting was outstanding, it was really over the top, done with class and charm. 

(Pictured: Carl Becker and Winston Lord – Winston, you recovered from the Nationals End of Year Party quite well!)

housewarming party and baseball game 005 The dinner was buffet style and excellent, then came the introduction of the four roommates, the “thank you’s” to Hosts Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee, some speeches, and then it was time to hit the dance floor. 

I think not only was this a housewarming party, I believe it was a welcome home to Sally and Ben’s son Quinn, as well as Stephen Ball’s birthday party, which with all three of those reasons to celebrate, I can see why it was over the top. 

(Pictured: Quinn, Stephen, Lindsay and Pamela thank Sally and Ben for the party before they started grooving on the dance floor)

housewarming party and baseball game 002 The guest demographics were the typical young Georgetown social crew (Smith Point, Cafe Milano) with Roxanne Roberts, Franco Nuschese (who was totally getting down on the dance floor) and Soroush Shehabi mixed in among others. 


(Pictured: Tara deNicolas and Rebecca Heslin look stunning, you can’t even tell it is about 100 degrees)

It was certainly a gorgeous night, albeit disgustingly hot (hence why I skipped the dance floor and stuck to sucking too many icy vodka drinks), the guys looked handsome and the ladies beautiful and we all wish them a happy housewarming!  P.S. Now that we know you guys have such a great party house and property … when’s the next one?

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