A Nod to the Oscars by Way of Original Film Art Appreciation

This is perhaps the most exciting dead heat Oscar season we’ve witnessed in quite a long time. It’s seems that everyone has seen the films and has opinions, in fact very strong ones. By the end of tomorrow evening’s awards, millions of viewers (not to mention the winners and losers or rather, gracious nominees) will either be pleased with the results, or shocked by upsets. In honor of the biggest night in Hollywood, we would love to give our own nod to the movie world.

We’ve just joined forces with ArtInsights (est. 1994) a privately owned gallery located in the Reston Town Center. The gallery presents important images from the 20th and 21st century film art genre, including original art from the masters of film and moving entertainment. From film campaign artists to concept and layout artists to animators, ArtInsights represents a wide collection from the giants and up and comers of film art. With over 30 years experience, owners Leslie Combemale and her husband/partner Michael Barry work with their worldwide collector base to build and insure the integrity of their collections. They sell rare images used in production as well as original commissions which are often used to create official limited editions.  I got to visit in person this museum-like gallery and was floored by the plethora of cool art at my fingertips. By the way, you can commission pieces, in fact, I asked Leslie about James Bond movie art and not only can she get it, yes, they can have it commissioned. *For 007 fans eyes only*

You don’t have to be a movie buff, you don’t even have to be a fan of a particular type of genre to appreciate this original artwork. I was moved by being in the presence of such talented virtuosos’ endeavors, it was like coming upon a secret treasure of history. Leslie, whom I call a “film fact prodigy” was most helpful as we strolled through the pieces. How she keeps all of the facts, figures, names, dates, in her head spills it out eloquently is beyond me. More than this, is how the gallery works with its clientele (big or small budget) in creating (or finding) exactly what they want. It’s an emotional purchase and for those long time patrons, a very loyal relationship.

And should you be interested in yet another expert’s thoughts on the 2014 season, check out Cinema Siren: http://artinsightsmagazine.com/cinema-siren/2014-oscars-predictions-10-things-might-know/

Here are some examples of the types of work ArtInsights offers on a daily basis:

John Alvin:    Victor/Victoria Key Art used for the finished poste
Victor/Victoria’s Key Art used for the original poster by John Alvin. It’s awesome to see in person.
Victor/Victoria final poster
john alvin: Original sepia mixed media of one from his "INSPIRATION" series
Also by John Alvin, Original sepia mixed media of one from his “INSPIRATION” series
John Alvin: original graphites left of art he did while designing the ET poster
By John Alvin, original graphites left of art he did while designing the ET poster – the little girl’s hand is his daughter’s
Frozen Limited edition art -Elsas_Transformation-450x553
“Frozen” limited edition art

**ArtInsights has the only graphite art for the RETURN OF THE JEDI poster that says “REVENGE OF THE JEDI” – you can see it in the gallery**

Star Wars Art:
For the Star Wars mega-fans
Star Wars Art:
For the Star Wars mega-fans
Star Wars Art:
For the Star Wars mega-fans
Art of the evil queen
And for those who love Disney’s Evil Queens
Art of the evil queen
More Evil Queen original artwork

ArtInsights exclusively represents the original art of John Alvin, Ciara McAvoy, Casey Robin, and Ben Curtis Jones, and also exhibits Tim Rogerson, Jim Salvati, Mike Kungl, Chuck Jones, Christian Waggoner, Steve Chorney, Mary Grandpre and and many other artists made famous by their work for the major Hollywood studios. Featured studios include Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, and 20th Century Fox, in a display of images from the best classic movies and animated features of the last 100 years as well as newer classics like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Star Trek. You can see more on their website, and learn more on their web magazine, as well as hear movie reviews by owner Leslie Combemale’s alter ego, Cinema Siren, on over 600 Patch sites nationwide or through artinsightsmagazine.com.

ArtInsights | 11921 Freedom Drive | Reston, VA 20190 | 703.478.0778 office | 800.820.1717 toll-free | www.artinsights.com

**Find your way to ArtInsights with RideScout. Download the app on iPhone or Android for the best ride**

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  1. Thanks, Pamela! Just wanted to add that for those who want a special tour, experience, or want to sit down with us and figure out something gorgeous and awesome to have or have created for their own, they can always contact us and we can make appointments anytime that is convenient within or beyond our usual business hours. Since we have clients who fly in from all over the world, we’re used to that, and love doing it!

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