A Tribute to Robert Egger at The Hamilton Live : East to West

A Tribute to Robert Egger at The Hamilton Live : East to West

Robert Egger Tribute at The Hamilton

If you have lived in D.C. for a few years, then you more than likely have heard of this legendary bespectacled man, whose daily uniform seems to consist of simple black tees and jackets (and I’m assuming boots) and whose understated humble yet confident manner is straightforward and yet welcoming.  With his short styled grey hair and matching goatee, Robert Egger, the founder of DC Central Kitchen has a story and background of substantial breadth and depth.  He’s a local celebrity, let’s face it. What he has done for the community in a tireless manner with a team built to last, is phenomenal.

Capital Food Fight 2010

Robert Egger at Capital Food Fight 2010

Recently, I ran into him on the street when we coincidentally were about to walk into Zaytinya’s 10 year anniversary party.  “Are you Robert Egger?” I inquired. He is after all, recognizable and his look, pretty memorable.  We ended up chatting about his impending move to LA and what he’d be doing there (we want to help him via Pacific Punch!) while we pointed to the flocks of birds that were flying around overhead, of which he was photographing with his iPhone.

Later, I thought about how he was on my list of people of whom I’d love to have at a dinner party.  And I’d seat him next to me (yes, yes I would).  His history is fascinating yet what makes Robert most interesting his future and we, his fans (and his friends) cannot wait to see what next he’ll do in his effort to make the world truly, a better, healthier, happier place.

With that …. there is a send off on January 7th at The Hamilton Live.  But you gotta wear your best boots as we honor the legacy of Robert Egger, founder of DC Central Kitchen, as he heads west to launch L.A. Kitchen. Proceeds benefit DC Central Kitchen and L.A. Kitchen. Buy tickets using the link below:



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