ACES Foundation & EL Foundation : Bowling for Charity

ACES Foundation & EL Foundation : Bowling for Charity

ACES Foundation & EL Foundation Charity Celebrity Bowling event

Lorenzo Alexander #97, me and Jason Kampf

By Punch Paparazzo Correspondent Jason Kampf

To kick November off, Washington Redskins Special Teams leader & founder of the  ACES Foundation (Accountability, Community, Education, Sports), Lorenzo Alexander, along with former Redskins and Steeler great, Antwaan Randle El, and the EL Foundation, hosted their “Fourth Annual Celebrity Bowling Benefit” at Lucky Strike DC.

ACES Foundation & EL Foundation Celebrity Bowling Charity Tournament

Lorenzo lacing up his size 13 bowling shoes

These two men are committed to giving back to the communities where they grew up, and now live in and play for. Both Randle El and Alexander lead by setting examples while continuously achieving goals. They believe education to be the necessary foundation for success later in life. These men have excellent characters and work hard off the field to give underserved children the chance to build theirs.

ACES Foundation & EL Foundation Celebrity Bowling Tournament

Randle El in his expert bowling stance


Alexander assembled a roster of Redskins players along with a limited number of foundation supporters to produce the perfect event. Raising awareness and funds for at risk youth is crucial and a high priority for both athletes. Randle El spoke to me at length about growing up in Chicago and only having the choice of a boys and girls club to occupy his time after school. This he said “was my salvation.” Hard work, dedication, mind-set and perseverance to win, are what separate these professionals from others. They use it to make a difference in communities that need the help. Randle El, told me that “many of these clubs are in dire need of attention.” Like many of the schools that underserved youth attend, these clubs also need saving and updating. Not all of us have what it takes to become a professional athlete, we do however, all have what it takes to help children. Once you get a chance to meet someone like Lorenzo Alexander the hard work, dedication and passion, become more apparent off the field.

ACES Foundation & EL Foundation Charity Celebrity Bowling event

Emcees Kevin Shafer & Rocky Parrish of the Kevin & Rock Show, traded the mic back and fourth, in-between frames while getting the players and supporters to challenge one another to help raise funds. The consummate competitor, Randle El would not back down from any challenge and won all but one frame as a supporter answered his spare with a strike. In attendance were, Keenan Robinson, Josh Wilson, Chris Wilson, London Fletcher, Stephen Bowen, Kedric Golston, Barry Cofield, Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, Oshiomogho Atogwe, former NFL punter Derrick Frost and Washington Post sports writer Mike Wise. This cast of characters thoroughly enjoyed the small atmosphere and the chance to hang out with teammates and fans while supporting two important organizations. It was clear these people were all here to champion the cause.

ACES Foundation & EL Foundation Charity Celebrity Bowling event

Parrish ran this event like a pro himself helping everyone understand the importance of the cause at stake. Rock, jealous himself of several items up for auction took to promoting the outstanding collectables available including authentic NFL gear personalized by Alexander and Randle El, unique opportunities to be a guest of Lorenzo Alexander while accompanying him on a tour of Redskins facilities and spending the day with Lorenzo and catching a lift in his classic muscle car.

ACES Foundation & EL Foundation Celebrity Bowling Charity Tournament

Mike Wise of Washington Post

A special thanks needs to go to Mrs. Alexander, an integral force behind The ACES Foundation. She expressed “through the inspiration of my husband Lorenzo, I have become very involved in these communities.”

For those who are wondering if football players can bowl, wonder no more. Advice: never challenge a professional athlete to any sport. Both Alexander and Randle El seem to be natural athletes threatening any sport or challenge put in front of them. Fans should be on the lookout for #59…London Fletcher may have found life after football. The guy almost, only knows how to bowl strikes.

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For more information on how to support ACES or the EL Foundation please follow the links below.

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