Actor Scott Elrod Headlines G.I. Film Festival & Sip with Socialites’ “An Officer and an Auction”

GI Film Festival & Sip with Socialites an Officer & and Auction

It was a freezing night outdoors but inside the Embassy of Austria, things were heating up with its dimly lit lighting, pounding music blasting through the speakers, open bar, sexily-clad, high-heeled ladies, and dapper-dressed men, some of whom looked like deer in the headlights, even though they’d served tours of duties and faced enemies much more frightening than swarms of females who were ready for a date.  All though, I’d heard that groups of women can be quite intimidating to men, no matter what the setting.

GI Film Festival & Sip with Socialites an Officer & and Auction

Jana Sedlakova and Ashley Boalch of Sip with Socialites

During “An Officer and an Auction“, fourteen single gents had agreed to surrender themselves to the stage, strut their stuff (and for some, take off their jackets, do a little dance, and even pushups) for money, all going to the G.I. Film Festival. With emcee ABC-7’s Britt McHenry, who did a great job in helping to raise the bids prices, the men were escorted out by the ladies of Sip with Socialites, presented, had their bios described and then the bidding wars began. Some went for a few hundred some for less, some for more, but the best was the highlight of the night – headliner Scott Elrod, who was last seen in Argo.  He ended up generously “splitting” himself so two women could go on a date with him at over $1,000 each.

GI Film Festival & Sip with Socialites an Officer & and Auction

Keith Toy promotes himself while Britt McHenry looks on

Lucky for us, all though we didn’t win a date with Scott, we did get a chance to interview him and here’s what he had to say:

Pamela’s Punch: You come from a military family; you yourself are former Air Force. How do you think your background prepared you for acting and especially your role in Argo?

Scott Elrod: I think it prepared me for LIFE in general as I learned so many valuable lessons from spending 6 years in the military.

PP:  How realistic and thorough do you think Hollywood portrays military situations, the human side in particular?

SE:  If you are referring to military-type movies, like anything there are great examples and unfortunately bad ones. For me some of the great examples are films like Top Gun, Black Hawk Down, Platoon, Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty and just recently a project that I was fortunate enough to be a part of, Lone Survivor. All of these films are great examples of film, where I felt a connection with the characters who were in what could be real or even very real situations which were well-told and laid out in a very realistic situation.

PP:  What does being involved with the G.I. Film Festival in this integral role mean to you?

SE:  Having grown up in a military family and served in the military myself, it’s an honor. The GI Film Festival represents two things that I am very passionate about: the military and film. So, for me its a win-win; and when they asked me to be a part of it, well it was a no-brainer.

PP:  What message about the G.I. Film Festival do you want readers to take away?

SE:  I hope readers will have an increased appreciation for the military. The more we can educate and generate awareness on what our armed servicemen and women do for our country, the better. In my world, these guys are the movie stars; and its organizations like the GI Film Festival that do just that. They have created a vehicle for these filmmakers to get their films “out there” which results in more awareness about what it means to be in the military, from the sacrifices they make, to the FREEDOM it provides us.

You can follow Scott at @scott_elrod.

GI Film Festival & Sip with Socialites an Officer & and Auction

Bob Madigan

GI Film Festival & Sip with Socialites an Officer & and Auction

the ladies with their bid paddles getting ready


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