ALLERGIES AWAY! Sweet Treats at Chocolate, Chocolate

By Punch Pulse Correspondent Niki Clark 

When sisters Ginger and Frances Park opened up their shop Chocolate, Chocolate in Dupont Circle, food allergies was the last thing on their mind. But after opening, Ginger discovered her young son’s sensitivities made even visiting the shop out of the question. A battery of tests, given from a very early age, detected that Justin had severe nut, dairy and egg allergies—all the best ingredients in the sisters’ treats.

Allergies Away!
Allergies Away!, the latest book from the Park sisters.

Determined to find alternatives for Justin that tasted even better than the real thing, Ginger and Frances got into their kitchen for some heavy duty recipe testing—and found that allergen free treats didn’t have to taste bland and boring. Inspired by their journey, the sisters wrote ALLERGIES, AWAY!, a kid-tested cookbook with awesome delights such as Rock Star Onion Rings, Seoulful Half-Moon Dumplings and Orange Chocolate Muffins.

Allergies Away!
Justin, all grown up.

Last night, the sisters hosted a launch for their book, opening up their shop and featuring some of their best allergen-free recipes. I brought my boyfriend’s eight year old son—a self identified “sweet junkie.” I knew if they could past the Ben taste test, they had to be good.

Allergies Away!
A VERY satisfied customer!

It was my first time to Chocolate, Chocolate and what a sweet treat! The sisters are so friendly and knowledgeable about ingredients and had the perfect recommendations for every desire. We sampled goodies like soy butter cookies and French puffs and the best tasting chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever tasted—all completely free of eggs, dairy and nuts. Even Ben agreed, the French puffs were the “most awesomest” food ever.

Allergies Away!
Amazing allergy-free french puffs.

Next time you are in Dupont, stop in for a treat and a visit. You can also visit their website And make sure to pick up their cookbook, ALLERGIES AWAY. 

Allergies Away!

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