Apres Ski Night at POV

Drinks at Apres Ski W Hotel

The last time I was on a slope I think I almost died, or at least almost maimed my own self.   Here’s the story:  I was following a girlfriend who was at a much more aggressive level than me down moguls because she said they were fun.  “Just do exactly as what I do, watch and make your body do the same,” she offered with confidence. So, me, being the snow bunny at the time that I was (which was like 10 years ago) enthusiastically said, “Oh, ok!” and down we went jumping and bumping and hopping down these moguls. How fun! And this is coming from someone who had only been enjoying long winding woodsy trails for years.  This, now this mogul thing was adventurous.  At the bottom of the hill, she looked at me and said, “Fun, right?” and I, cheeks pink with excitement because I was envisioning a gold medal around my neck said, “Yes! Let’s do it again!”

Bartenders at POV for Apres Ski


the crowd at Apres Ski Media Event W Hotel
the crowd

Now here’s where the story could have gone another way. She could have (should have) said, “No, you can’t, I don’t recommend it, your legs will be too tired.” But she, sweet young thing that she was, and by the way, was as tough as a nut and probably had legs of steel, shared my excitement and we headed back up again.  The end result of the second go-round was ahem, not as pleasant. No, sireee, no.  Not in the least.  In fact, I’d say on a scale of 1-10 in the fun department, it falls at a negative 1001.

What view - POV W Hotel
What a view - POV W Hotel


UGG Australia's "Classic Short Sparkle Boot"


After face planting with my yes, very exhausted legs and entire body, oh say, maybe 50 times and becoming so frustrated with myself I decided I’d never ski again. Actually, it’s funny, because the last time I played golf, it was my best game and I chose to retire the clubs for years, as my motto is “always end on a high note”.  So, I haven’t skied again.  I gave away all of my ski stuff and went to lick my metaphorical and physical wounds in peace. Until now that is, when I recently was invited to Aspen in February, I felt a surge of panic, but you know what, I’m an adult and I can get through this.  No more moguls, obviously, and I actually recalled how peaceful and enjoyable the trails were. And I’d only skied on the east coast, you know ice is a bit more challenging than powder. So that … we will report back on my experience in Aspen in February.

Making S'mores
Making S'mores


Ski Chalet
Ski Chalet display

In the meantime, ski season is totally upon us and last night, Washington’s W Hotel held their “Apres Ski” media preview and party at POV.  Gilt City DC guests got to try out some warm winter cocktails like Hot Apple Butter Rum, Pumpkin Cider and Whiskey Skin while meandering through Ugg Australia stylish boots, bags, and coats and munching on mini sliders, tiny grilled cheese & ham sandwiches, and herb tater tots (yum).  There was a s’mores station and believe me, if you are a skier, you had all that you would need to be prepped for the season. Ski Chalet was there, Bliss spa had a Blizzard Bar, and if you wanted to ensure your brain-body connection was in shape, you could swish with the just-released Kinect Sports: Season 2 for XBox 360.  There were raffles and products all over the place but the best part to this Apres Ski night was how the whole place was decked out as a cozy lodge and the attendees really got into it with furs, boots, muffs, scarves, earmuffs, big woolly sweaters and hats.

Apres ski? Now that. I can do well.


Jayne Sandman at Apres Ski
Jayne Sandman at Apres Ski


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