Are You Ready for White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner Weekend?

Are You Ready for White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner Weekend?

People sometimes ask me “Why did you choose to open up in the L.A. market next versus NYC? New York is so much closer.” Well, yes, in proximity for sure, and there is no annoying three hour time difference, but after about a year of research, I am someone who spends a little too much time doing research, I came to the executive decision that L.A. and D.C. have a true love affair with each other.  Power loves power.  Hollywood loves Washington (90% of the time) and Washington loves Hollywood (90% of the time).  Celebrities become enamored with politicians and policy makers and people who have a lotta white hair and striped ties and know how to raise millions of dollars and politicos become enamored with George Clooney and … well everyone else.  This little cutesy relationship comes out in the open, rather blatantly (think PDA that would put high schoolers to shame) every year during the annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner weekend (April 28th) when MEDIA, yes, people in MEDIA become just as fabulous as actors and people signing bills that can alter your life.  The best part of this weekend besides the parties and the brunches and the panels and the gatherings and the parties and the celebrity spottings and the celebrity stalkings and the screenings and the parties, is that you see A-list Hollywood asking your Congressman for a photo together and you see someone like Wolf Blitzer whipping out an iPhone to get a personal pic of the Jonas Brothers (strange example, yes, but you get my gist).  It’s a contest which function can get the biggest names from both coasts at their events.  That in itself is entertaining.

dennis quaid at hay-adams

me and Dennis Quaid at the Hay-Adams Rooftop where he told me about what his foundation Safety Leaders was doing

One of the most talked about revered invite-only events surrounding the dinner itself, (please note, it is insanely hard to get invited to the dinner, so everyone is satisfied with going to the pre-dinner receptions in the Washington Hilton then doing their own dinners then meeting up again at the parties) is the John McLaughlin Correspondents’ Brunch at the Hay-Adams Hotel Rooftop.  Hosted by the host of The McLaughlin Group and Stephen Adler, Editor in Chief of Reuters News, this popular “morning after” brunch is a haven for who’s whos both from the Washington side and the west coast side.  Two years ago I had the privilege of hanging with actor/actvist Dennis Quaid, who was just brilliantly interesting and down to earth and a few others in the past. It’s a moment folks, where you have to put your “I’m so star struck because I’m sipping a mimosa with an Oscar winner and we are talking about foreign policy and the role of social media or health care or the presidential race” … by the way, why does everyone assume if you are living in the Washington DC area ALL you want to talk about is politics?  When I met Jay Leno at his usual “practice” night at Hermosa Beach last year, all he thought I knew about was politics.  Um. Not really …. I digress.

John McLaughlin WHCAD Brunch

Last year, James V. Kimsey, Congressman Jim Moran and John McLaughlin

May I say, personally, this weekend is one of my favorite during spring in Washington and we promise as usual to have so many photos you won’t be able to stand it.  Oh and this year we’ll again be hosting the 3rd Annual Kids Dinner at Darlington House.

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