Are you ready to play the Dating Game?

Are you ready to play the Dating Game?

Dear Readers…sorry for the few days off.  Up in the mountains, there is hardly cell service much less wireless access.  Thus, I was held to no calls, nor emails, nor posting.  How 1980’s!  In the meantime, there was reflection, relaxation, rejuvenation, and detoxification.  Must be in tip-top shape for the 6th Annual Summer Birthday Bash on Wednesday at Mate’!  (Thank you so much to Mauricio, Osmar, Farees, Jessica of Latin Concepts and to Christiania Vodka)

So, lately, I have had a few requests from friends asking me to write about “Dating in DC”.  When my last friend (married) suggested this topic to me, I looked at her and said, “Um.  Who’s life or lives should I use?” She responded, “Yours!” And then she and I stared at each other, observed a moment of silence (for the death of my dating life) and she said, “Hmm.  You have friends that date, right?” 

During my reflection time away at my parents, I thought about this exchange.  Where oh where did my dating life go?  Back in my 20’s (glory days, when we were all invincible), my dating life could be easily described as a “technicolor dream experience”.  Never a dull moment, so much fun, hilarious adventure after adventure.  Of course, there were heartaches and drama coupled with major learning experiences.  You know the drill: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  These days, that “technicolor dream experience” has turned to, well, let’s say beige, at best.  But this cheese does not stand alone.  As I take an inventory of close and far girlfriends, I am beginning to think this may be a bit of an epidemic in Washington. 

But WHY this epidemic of non-dating in DC?   (And trust me, had I had this blog in my 20’s, the stories could have easily been picked up as a series on HBO.  Oh, oops.  That idea was taken.)  Is it the men? Is it us? Is it the city? Is it the social scene? Is it because we are all so picky? Is it because we are all so busy? It is because we have already dated everyone datable to us?  It is because we are finding the opposite sex to be like parking spots?: All the good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped.  Or is it, when you go past the age of 30 (mind you, many of us have done the “starter marriage” already) you actually are so busy with your career, friends, travel, fun, you forget to date?

And please don’t throw the term “cougar” in there (thank you Don & Mike).  My girlfriends and I are hardly there.  Heck, isn’t 30, the new 20? Ew, no, I don’t want to relive my 20’s again.  When I turned 30, males and females alike said: Your life is now really beginning/Some of your best years will be in your 30’s/You have made it!/You are all grown up!/NOW you can enjoy life…. ad nauseam, ad nauseam.  (All of this was said by those who had already hit 30+, of course.)  Now, while I feel this has been true, with time, the dating aspect of my/our lives has started to become less significant.  Actually, I get people constantly contacting me to ask me about where to GO on a date, not what to SAY on a date these days. 

So, we shall see what turn of events shall happen as I enter this XX year of my life.  Will there be a chance to re-explore the world of the Dating Game either with myself or my friends?  I hope so.  And of course you know, I will keep you readers well in the loop.

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