Attention Men: Indochino Arrives in Downtown DC for a Limited Time

Dennis Rohm and Jennifer Clarke

Dennis Rohm and Jennifer Clarke

By Punch Pro Correspondent Darryl Keeton

For most men, the first time you have to wear a suit is an uncomfortable experience. First, it’s normally for something you have to do or have to attend. A suit for church, a graduation, a wedding and for some, that first job interview. Second, there’s usually an old guy involved who goes about draping measuring tape around various parts of your body. Chalk marks are drawn, pin placements are made and no one is really explaining what’s happening and what this or that is for.

Heikal Gani, President and Lenny Goh, Social Media Manager

Heikal Gani, President and Lenny Goh, Social Media Manager

When everything is done, you’ve made a modest investment but you come away with a suit that kinda fits. It serves its purpose but it’s not memorable.

On the other hand, the first time you don a good custom suit it’s a special experience. The fabric, the cut and the way the suit knowingly hangs on your body feels like an established relationship. Of course this experience usually comes at a premium.

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So when I heard about a custom tailor show by a modern custom clothing company called Indochino, I had a healthy degree of skepticism. I arrived at LivingSocial’s offices in D.C. last Friday expecting to see a group of people with good intentions and second-rate fabrics for guys who couldn’t tell the difference.

I was sorely mistaken. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with smiles, warmth and such a high degree of service I began to wonder if I had accidentally wandered into the lobby of a Ritz-Carlton.

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After a personal escort verifies your appointment, you are guided into a main area where an introductory hand-off is made and a patient tailor takes the time to verify your contact information and explain the fitting process. Full body measurements are taken the old fashion way, but your results are recorded on a smart phone. Once complete, you’re then escorted to an area for fabric selection as your guide carefully explains the options available to you based on your needs and your budget. This information is immediately entered on-line and your suit and shirt appear at your door within 5 weeks. The on-line concept allows Indochino to provide high quality custom suits at reasonable prices.

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Indochino Traveling Tailor appointments are available at LivingSocial’s 918 F Street venue from March 2nd through March 10th in 15-minute intervals from 8am-8pm for men to meet with one of Indochino’s custom tailors and stylists. Everyone who books an appointment will receive a FREE dress shirt ($79 value) with any suit purchase, one shirt per customer. Appointments are being accepted now at

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