Bisnow Hosts Red-Hot Start-Ups Entrepreneur Series Event

Post by Guest Contributor Lauri Tamney

It‘s Hot in DC and I’m not just referring to the weather.   I was shocked to see the temperature had already registered 90 degrees when I hailed a cab early this morning but I really felt the heat of anticipation once I arrived at Bisnow’s Red-Hot Start-Ups Entrepreneur Series Event (#bisnoweseries) at the Capital Hilton.  With a room filled with over 300 professionals, I weaved my way through greeting and networking with a myriad of aspiring entrepreneurs and familiar faces that, like me, were there to hear about what several successful local tech leaders experienced during the early stages of their launch, how their businesses have grown since, the challenges they faced along the way and their advice for current and future entrepreneurs.  The panel was led by moderator Luca Salvi (Partner, Sheppard Mullen) and included Tom Davidson (CEO, Everfi), Jim Bankoff (CEO, SB Nation) and Duke Chung (Founder, Parature).

From starting a company in the comfort of a dorm room to working for several of the area’s most infamous tech companies, each of the panelists shared their experiences as leaders from some of DC’s hottest and fastest growing companies.  I found their advice to be of great value to the up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the room.  Jim mentioned you must be passionate about the product/service you are providing your customers.  He believes it is vital to seek employees who truly want to go to battle with you in order to make the business a success.  Tom emphasized getting the product to market quickly and into the end user’s hands to drive feedback for continued development is crucial.  He also said it’s important to let your team run with ideas in order to allow for mistakes to be made because it’s not worth it to spend time over thinking things.  They all agreed that establishing a company culture during the early stages of a growing organization is key to a business’ success.

It will be interesting to see how this Bisnow series evolves as the local tech community continues to make its mark during a time when the economy is still volatile.  Today’s panel confirmed the tech industry in DC is thriving and there are plenty of opportunities for those with an idea, passion and entrepreneurial spirit to become one of DC’s next Red Hot Start-Ups.

*Post and photo provided by Lauri Tamney, Digital Media Mavens LLC,  Lauri is currently working with, a local start-up with a new sports-specific social network designed to connect the entire sports world at every level and facet through a new one-of-a-kind social media platform.

Luca Salvi (Partner, Sheppard Mullen) and included Tom Davidson (CEO, Everfi), Jim Bankoff (CEO, SB Nation) and Duke Chung (Founder, Parature)

Luca Salvi (Partner, Sheppard Mullen) and included Tom Davidson (CEO, Everfi), Jim Bankoff (CEO, SB Nation) and Duke Chung (Founder, Parature)

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