Capturing the Dance: Robert Whitman Shoots Pilobolus

Capturing the Dance: Robert Whitman Shoots Pilobolus

By Punch Pulse Correspondent Niki Clark

Dancing was one of those things I did until I was about 7. I loved it but apparently it didn’t love me back. When all my friends went on to the next advanced level, my mother (shameless plug) had the “natural talent” discussion with me. Apparently my skills didn’t justify the hefty dance fees.

But I have continued to love dance, no matter it’s feelings for me, and have found in particular the bodies of dancers to be something of wonder. Poetic and graceful and strong, they are quite the opposite of my two-left-footed self.

So when I found out the Renaissance Hotel was hosting a photography exhibit featuring Pilobolus, a modern dance company based in Washington, Connecticut, my calendar somehow magically. Shot by Robert Whitman, the show features images in both studio settings as well as spontaneous shots in Israel, caught during a touring trip. Part of the Renaissance RLife Live Series, which showcases new music and exhilarating events in Renaissance hotels around the world, the show is up just a short 4 days. Its powerful images, however, will remain with you for much longer. I had the luck of being one of the earlier arrivals and had a chance to talk to the photographer himself about the work.


Photographer Robert Whitman Photo by Niki Clark

Whitman described how while the studio pieces were precise and planned, the images inIsraelinIsraelwere much more spur-of-the-moment and impulsive.

“My favorite photos are the sessions where we absolutely nothing in mind, just being spontaneous. Like walking around the woods of Connecticut or discovering Israel, the dancers and the directors of the company are just an amazing talented group of individuals. They gave me total freedom.”


A studio session of Pilobolus

While walking around one of the towns the tour had stopped, the dancers found an opening in one of the stucco walls. They immediately donned their performance body suits they had with them and crawled in, resulting in one of my favorite images, a collection of arms and legs and color.

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A spontaneous shot in Israel

Lucky for you, his entire portfolio is online at To learn about upcoming performance from Pilobolus, visit And to find out about future events from the R Series, check out


The dancers in Connecticut

All Images Copyright Robert Whitman. 


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