Carbon Free Rock : Bravenoise

Carbon Free Rock : Bravenoise


By Punch Pulse Correspondent Niki Clark

With Earth Day right around the corner, there are lots of things you can do to help “Save the Planet.” For the pop-rock trio Bravenoise, their part includes doing what they do best, playing music. As part of their “Acts of Green” campaign, the band and their fans will embrace a different “act of green” every week for the next month. Their goal is simple yet undeniably awesome: to offset the carbon footprint created by their 2012 tour schedule, and production of their debut album.

The same description—simple yet undeniably awesome—could be applied to the album itself.

The band is a smoothly melded compilation of a classically-trained musician with a bluegrass background, an Italian drummer with an affinity for “monster” drummers such as Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Aaron Comess (The Spin Doctors) and a bassist hailing from the Red Dirt music scene of Oklahoma and Texas. Their debut album, “Everything Was and Everything Will Be,” is an equally smooth compilation of sounds. A little bit funk. A little bit pop. A little bit of rock n’ roll. And with the help of their “Acts of Green Campaign,” completely carbon free! Now that’s an Earth Day activity I can get behind.

Check out the band for yourself. They are just one of many incredible acts performing at RAW: natural born artists this Thursday, April 12 at Café Asia in Arlington. Other upcoming shows can be found at

To find out more about their “Acts of Green” campaign, visit To hear their full album, visit at  To learn more about this Thursday’s show go to

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