Carmine’s Celebrates 1 Year in D.C. to Benefit the L’Enfant Society

CEO Jeffrey Bank
Carmine's CEO Jeffrey Bank talks with Lynne Breaux, President of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington

Tuesday night was for sure, a true “Celebrazione Italiana!” at Carmine’s, the New York-based establishment which chose the L’Enfant Society, which raises money for the Trust for the National Mall, as its event beneficiary.  Even Carmine’s CEO, Jeffrey Bank came in from headquarters for the big night. Using some of the expansive back private space, guests who paid a $25 registration fee to the L’Enfant Society, were privy to a smashing smorgasbord of Carmine’s just-like-my-Italian-Grandmother-from-the-old-country-makes-dishes (if I had an Italian grandmother from the old country) including cheeses and desserts and yes, every kind of meat dish, side dish and pasta you could dream up.  To wash the multiple plates of pasta down, attendees enjoyed an open bar of wines and beers.

L'Enfant Society Board Co-Chair Christian Gullott and Board Member Liberty Jones
L'Enfant Society Board Co-Chair Christian Gullott and Board Member Liberty Jones


Aaron Dworkin, me, Lauren Dworkin and Maurisa Mitrovich
After-School All-Stars' Aaron Dworkin, me, Lauren Dworkin and LS Board Co-Chair Maurisa Mitrovich

Throughout the entire set up, photos of the condition of the Mall were displayed providing those in attendance an up close and personal look at why the Trust was created by Washington real estate executive Chip Akridge.  Whether people were familiar with the Trust, the L’Enfant Society, the Ball on the Mall, the Annual Luncheon, the national campaign led by Laura Bush, or not, the purpose of the night was to certainly raise money ($9,000! check that off), gain exposure (there was a plethora of media outlets), and raise awareness (Board members, staff and steering committee members answered questions and educated guests with upcoming plans).  We also are continuing our membership drive, so if you are interested in joining the LS, please check us out at  Upon leaving the function, everyone received a gift bag full of goodies, including products and hellooooo, a mini-bottle of bubbly.

Lindsey Pugh and Chip Akridge
Trust for the National Mall's Lindsey Pugh and Trust Board Chair & Founder Chip Akridge

I literally came directly from Union Station where I arrived tardy after a weekend of working in New York, straight to Carmine’s so I want to thank the Punch friends and followers who attended last night.  And thank you to Neshan Naltchayan for letting us “borrow” the photos.


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