Cheese Glorious Cheese….

Cheese Glorious Cheese….

I covet cheese. I pine for cheese. I dream of cheese. Unfortunately, the abundance of cheese that I intake goes directly against my life’s health goals. Sigh. Salivate. My still mother imparts the wise words: Everything in moderation. Tell that to a cheese lover. Anyway, as I write this, I’m striking cheese from my 2015 regime – at least within the first quarter. Let’s be realistic.

For everyone else in the world, there’s great news:


Park Hyatt Washington’s Executive Chef Ryan LaRoche is pleased to announce that beginning TODAY January 6, an artisanal Vermont Raclette cheese (left) will be served in the Blue Duck Tavern Lounge. It will be available starting at 6 p.m. each evening at the marble cheese display table. Raclette is indigenous to parts of Switzerland and is a semi-firm cow’s milk cheese. The Raclette will be heated table side and served with traditional warm sour dough bread and house made pickles. It is priced at $18 per serving and perfect for two people to share.  Blue Duck Tavern and Blue Duck Lounge’s Cheese Specialist Sophie Slesinger will be on hand to answer questions about the Raclette and other winter cheeses and charcuterie, which are sold by the ounce and served with house made seasonal chutney and jams.

Then for the perfect wine pairing, Blue Duck Tavern’s General Manager Joseph Cerione has preselected Wimmer-Czerny, Gruner Vetliner, Wagram, Austria 2012 to accompany the Raclette. This featured wine is priced at $15 per glass and $60 per bottle.

I’ll drink to that!

24th & M Streets, NW Park Hyatt Washington 

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