Christylez Bacon’s Got Style at the StartUp RockOn Inauguration Party

Christylez Bacon’s Got Style at the StartUp RockOn Inauguration Party

By Punch Playlist Correspondent Kia Scipio 

StartUp RockOn is an organization that celebrates entrepreneurs, innovators and risk takers. SURO hosted an invitation only Inauguration concert featuring Lupe Fiasco on Sunday night at The Hamilton Live (see Lupe’s Fiasco). The event was really cool. They had artists that were doing actual paintings, a photo booth, open bar and passed hors d’oeuvres. While the featured artist was Lupe Fiasco, I thought that the highlight of the night was the opening act—Christylez Bacon and his band.

Christylez Bacon is a GRAMMY Nominated “Progressive Hip-Hop artist and multi-instrumentalist” from Southeast, Washington, DC. Christylez not only raps, but he plays multiple instruments, and is an incredible human beat box! He flows effortlessly between instruments, all while telling you the stories of his everyday adventures in DC.

For anyone who has ever experienced the DC Metro, be it the bus or rail, “Metroneusense” is a song with which you can relate. From the people who have no concept of personal space, to the inconsistent bus and rail schedules, he totally nailed the DC Metro experience on the head. But, before telling us all about the fact that he has no driver’s license and gets around using public transportation or a bike, he told us stories of being a child, running from his mother who would give him a haircut with scissors in the song “Bowl Cut.” If that was indeed his experience as a child, it was truly comedic, yet you totally felt sorry for him. Kids are ruthless and all you need is one bad haircut and you are the butt of everyone’s jokes. But, the jokes are on those kids, because Christylez Bacon is now the one who’s on stage! In the tradition of being a good storyteller, Christyles Bacon believes in having an interactive experience with the audience. In the song “WiFi,” about the people who use others for the use of free WiFi, he engaged the audience in a bit a “call and response.”

Blue Crush 2010

Christylez Bacon, always a hit and a class act, with Maurisa Potts at an DC event

What struck me the most about Christylez Bacon were two things: (1) He is amazingly talented and loves what he’s doing. Christylez was probably one of those kids that got made fun of when he was growing up. But, he’s totally used his life experiences to his benefit. He is, afterall, a Grammy Nominated artist. He’s completely relatable and down to Earth. He is a musical genius and it shows in his performance. While he had other musicians on stage with him, he could easily stand on his own. He plays instruments, he raps, he beat-boxes . . . he really does it all and he’s AMAZING!!! (2) Christylez Bacon was completely gracious and humble. He was selling his CDs out of a cardboard box that he was carrying in a bag. He took the time to take multiple pictures with people, signed CDs and was just a really great guy! I am such a huge fan and encourage everyone to catch him wherever he’s performing. You won’t be disappointed. I really like him and feel like he made the StartUp RockOn concert at The Hamilton! My only question to Christylez Bacon is, do you really take all of those instruments with you on the Metro?

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