Client-9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

Client-9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

Black socks, kinky sex, The Mayflower…sex, power, greed, betrayal, scandal…producer and director Alex Gibney’s “Client-9″ has it all and it’s much better than a Lifetime movie because it’s not just based on a true story-it is a true story. Once known as Wall Street’s “Sheriff”, some said Eliot Spitzer was his own worst enemy.  After watching 117 minutes of this rated-R documentary filled with candid interviews with not only the man himself, but some of corporate America’s most powerful people (think O.W.R.M “Old. White. Rich. Men.”) you learn that Spitzer had in actuality created his own Legion of Doom that wanted him obliterated.  And they were not afraid to let the world know.

Think what you want about what the media wanted us to think about Eliot Spitzer, once you watch “Client-9″, I beg to bet your opinion will be altered. Mine was.  An intimate group invited by the Washington Post and IMPACT Arts + Film Fund screened the film with Mr. Gibney at the newly opened West End Cinema Monday evening.  By the way, the after gathering was held at The Mayflower (where the Governor spent that one fateful evening). Giggle. Giggle.

I had met Eliot Spitzer when he was running for Governor here in Georgetown at a fundraiser at a private home of an elite Washington couple.  Slight in size, he shook my hand, looked me straight in the eyes and did what all good politicians do when they know they are going to win, thanked me sincerely for coming, mentioned how nice it was to meet me and immediately moved onto my friend who had the real check writing ability.  I had met him on the “Rise”.  It wasn’t until the “Fall” of Eliot Spitzer that I remembered meeting him and after the story broke of his daliances with high class call girls, did I consider, was he sleazy back then? With the same hand that shook mine, was he later dialing the booker to set up a date?  I wondered. It was thrilling to think back and recall if there were any clues I could have picked up on while this super straight laced charismatic tiny man with so much power, that Wall Street feared, was meeting up with hookers in hotel rooms.

So, this political rock star was fulfilling his duties as a politician who lived in a glass house and loved throwing stones.  But the frenzy went on and on and on because of well: Ashley Dupree.  And the “kinky” rumors.  His force of nature for doing right on a wrong-doing Wall Street was overshadowed by questions of his sexual prowess and private life.  The work he was starting to do in a corrupt Albany was forgotten.  “I knew there was something not right about that guy, you can see it in his eyes!” proclaimed a girlfriend of mine.  Take down AIG what?  Forget that, did you hear he likes to do it with his black socks on?

In Client-9, there are plenty of ironic and laughable comments, roll your eyes moments and “are you kidding me?!?” times.  While the tag line is “The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer” we might be able to add “and Rise Again” as he is back in the public eye and even has his own show on CNN called “Parker Spitzer”.  One wonders as we look into his deep set eyes during his interview (where you can hear some of the questions being asked of him), is he for real?

If he is or isn’t, looks like Spitzer is back, back in the saddle, back on the rise … after all, if this country loves anything, it’s a comeback.

Magnolia Pictures’ “Client-9″ opens at the E Street Cinema November 12th.

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