Crooked Monkey: Livin’ the Dream

Crooked Monkey: Livin’ the Dream

Crooked Monkey Warehouse Party

It’s official. There are no longer any nights that are deemed safe from the Evil Event Master.  I say this half-jokingly, because a) I know I am partly to blame b) I’d be writing about a lot of other topics other than events if we didn’t have so many 3) I can’t complain too much because this is the majority of my profession, currently.

At any rate, September is in overdrive with multiple functions occurring every evening and Sunday night is now no longer a night of rest.  Granted, there’s always been Sunday Funday, but after a day of casual debauchery, one was permitted slink home to a couch and watch 60 Minutes, then NFL, True Blood, Hung, Entourage etc.  You get my drift.

This past Sunday night, the cheeky hipster tee shirt company Crooked Monkey pulled a lot of us off our couches and down to a warehouse located at 433 Eye Street, NW.  Micha Weinblatt, Crooked Monkey’s young and scruffy co-founder wanted to ensure a creative, unique way for his crowd to enjoy themselves, especially since it was technically not only the end of the weekend, but certainly the beginning of the school week.  In other words, he wanted the night to be well worth our while.

Thus, in the almost immaculate one room space, we had themed adult beverages and adult activities, like a live DJ, stop-and-repeat board with the company’s logo, a photo booth (I burned my photos, those things are fun, but have wicked evil lighting), tee shirts displayed for our entertainment pleasure, lounge seating, and the coolest of them all, was the tee shirt graffiti wall.  Yes, invitees were sent plain white tee shirts in the mail which doubled as the key to the party’s entry. Once there, you turned your shirt in and it became part of a “Tee Shirt Wall” that was spray painted into a graffiti / mural of the Crooked Monkey.  Guests were allowed to take a part of that history home at the end of the night (in case you see someone walking around DC with a spray painted monkey eye on shirt, you’ll know why).

Congrats to Micha and friends on a successful evening and thank you for introducing us to that awesome space.

For those of you who don’t yet own a Crooked Monkey tee shirt, first, for shame! and B, you can purchase yours now online.  At check out punch in the CODE: PUNCH and receive 20% off! Cheers to Livin’ the Dream.

Pictured above: Micha Weinblatt and Project Beltway’s Rachel Cothran; below: tee shirt wall; Jessica Gibson and Dr. Mark Drapeau; the scene; me, WUSA 9’s Angie Goff & A Not So Capitol Idea’s Chandler Ramelli; Architect Christy Schlesinger, MiX 107.3FM’s Tommy McFly & Angie Goff

Crooked Monkey Warehouse PartyCrooked Monkey Warehouse PartyCrooked Monkey Warehouse PartyCrooked Monkey Warehouse PartyCrooked Monkey Warehouse Party

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