Cycle for Survival 2012

Check Presentation at Cycle for Survival

Check Presentation at Cycle for Survival

I was recently made aware of Cycle for Survival by my friend Britt Kahn from Pacific Punch land, in particular, L.A. I hadn’t even realized our own city participated in the spinning fundraiser, which will be held in 6 markets (D.C., L.A. – both for the first time – NYC, Chicago, San Fransisco and Long Island) February 4, 11, 12, at participating Equinox gyms.

As someone who has never done the “spinning” thing for my own health, I thought at the very least, this is a very cool thing for those who do, for the health of others. If you are a spinning fool, please strongly consider getting your wheels turning by forming a team, joining a team, or at the very least donating and spreading the word.

High Five at Cycle for Survival

High Five at Cycle for Survival

Cycle for Survival:

In 2007, rare cancer patient, Jennifer Goodman Linn, held a small spinning event in the cycling studio of an Equinox club in New York City with a few friends, hoping to raise $10,000 for research into rare cancers at her treatment center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). Diagnosed with sarcoma, a soft tissue cancer, Jen and her husband, Dave, were shocked to learn that there were few treatment options for patients with rare cancers – even though they account for more than half of all cancer diagnoses and are well-recognized by name. In fact, leukemia, lymphoma, metastatic melanoma, brain, pancreatic, ovarian and all pediatric cancers are considered rare.

In just five years, Cycle for Survival has raised more than $9 million to fund 25 clinical trials and research studies led by MSK and lay the groundwork for the Sarcoma Consortium, a group of research institutions dedicated to advancing treatments for sarcoma. What sets Cycle apart is that within six months of the events, every dollar raised is allocated to research projects led by MSK. This provides real hope for the millions fighting these rare cancers in the form of more treatment options.

Teams register to ride for a four hour shift, with a maximum of 8 riders per bike. Teams may register multiple bikes. The event also features complimentary yoga classes, massage therapy and children’s activities.

In L.A. : Saturday February 4 : 8am-12pm : Equinox Westwood : 10960 Wilshire Boulevard : Los Angeles

In D.C. : Sunday February 12 : 8am-12pm : Equinox Bethesda : 4905 Elm Street : Bethesda, MD

Learn more, register HERE NOW.

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