DC Whiskey Walk : MARCH 9

DC Whiskey Walk : MARCH 9

DC Whiskey Walk

Lucky number eight, right?  Eight well-loved DC bars are kindly teaming up for a tasting tour of eight fine Irish whiskeys during the first annual DC Whiskey Walk on Saturday, March 9th, eight days before the upcoming Irish international holiday.  We suppose the Walk is a walkthrough, liver liquor practice, yes?  But this isn’t just about the boozing and socializing people, this is DC, so there’s a charitable aspect (so you can really feel good as each goes down).

Participants will taste a different 1-ounce pour of a leading Irish whiskey included in their ticket price as they go from venue to venue. A portion of ticket sales will benefit Becky’s Fund and Washington Literacy Center, leading local non-profit organizations that directly support vulnerable populations in Washington DC.

There will be beer pairings, food pairings and the featured whiskeys. Also, Uber, the on-demand Black Car service, is giving a $20.00 first ride credit to new users who participate in the Whiskey Walk. The crowd will begin their day by checking in from 12:00-3:00pm at James Hoban’s, and then proceed in whatever order they choose during this unique all-day tasting tour.

The event features an excellent selection of premium Irish whiskeys: Kilbeggan, Tryconnell, Redbreast 12 Year, Jameson 12 Year Special Reserve, Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel, Jameson, Powers Gold Label and Powers 12 Year Special Reserve. (I heard some lip-smacking out there…)

Participating bars and restaurants are: Board Room, Buffalo Billiards, Irish Whiskey, James Hoban’s, Mackey’s, Maddy’s, Madhatter and Science Club.

Various levels of tickets with perks can be purchased at www.dcwhiskeywalk.com. Tickets start at $35.00 per person; group discounts and V.I.P. options are also available at $32.00-50.00.

In addition, during the event, participants are also entitled to special prices on: (a) the whiskey each bar is featuring; (b) a beer pairing at $3.00–$5.00, including Guinness, Harp and Smithwick’s among others; and (c) a food pairing at $4.00–$8.00 hand-selected by each venue’s Executive Chef.

May the best man (or woman) still be standing….

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