DÅŒ (Re Mi) : You’ll Be Singing After Tasting This Sweet Sensation

By Punch Contributor Rebecca Norris, New York City

A good friend of mine has a sweet tooth that could give me a run for my money—so when she insisted we take a work break to pop over to DŌ, what I thought to be a cookie shop—it was a no brainer.

Unlike Jenny, I hadn’t done my research—so as we rounded the corner to try the latest and greatest of sugar highs, I squealed with excitement when she mentioned that it wasn’t cookies, but raw cookie dough that we’d be indulging in. Yes, you read that correctly.

DŌ in NYCAt this point you’re probably wondering about the health hazards of downing an 8oz. container of raw cookie dough, but fear not—all DŌ recipes utilize a pasteurized egg substitute, which means there is zero chance of salmonella and every chance of overjoyed taste buds. DŌ, pronounced dough, is the delightfully gooey masterpiece of Midwesterner-turned-New Yorker, Kristen Tomlan. Since an early age Kristen spent endless hours in the kitchen watching her mom prepare meals for her family which led to her taking up the role as her household’s residential baker. Over the years Kristen honed in on her love of cookies and all things raw cookie dough. It wasn’t until a girl’s weekend in Philly, however, that she stumbled upon the serious question of why there wasn’t any edible raw cookie dough on the market—and from there, DŌ was born. DŌ in NYC

Shortly after she opened her bakery, she was rolling in doughy success and realized that the demand for raw dough was more than she had imagined so she quit her job as a brand strategy consultant to pursue her passion in bringing the city the best dough you’ve ever eaten.

Available in regular and gluten free options in any size for special events, and 8 or 16 oz. containers for on-the-go—DŌ is the treat you’ve been dreaming of and simply didn’t know exists. So be sure to head over to their HQ on the East Side or click over to their website to place an order. And for all you non-New Yorkers, be thankful that DŌ ships to 48 states nationwide.


Happy Eating!

Address: 737 2nd Avenue, between 39th and 40th Street

Hours: MondayFriday 9am-6pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm

*Side note: Since DŌ doesn’t have regular store front hours (they try their best to be closed on Sundays), be sure to head over to Dylan’s Candy Bar to get your fix!

About Rebecca Norris:
Rebecca Norris is a NoVA native who moved to New York to pursue her dreams of working in the magazine industry. With a background in health, beauty, fashion and food, her editorial prowess will keep you up to date with the latest must-try’s. Be sure to check out her personal blog at rebeccanorris318.wordpress.com.

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