drybar Has Finally Blown into the DMV

drybar Has Finally Blown into the DMV

drybar's Buttercup in Bethesda with Laila Marie Kampf

spotted: drybar's Buttercup in Bethesda with Laila Marie Kampf

Women of Washington, well, the DMV rather, rejoice because what seemed to once be a fantasy, has in fact, turned into a reality.  You see, drybar, the blowout-only service company which has slowly spread its wings into most major markets, has finally arrived. The day has come.  Heralded by clients as a God-send, drybar charges a nominal amount for your necessary blow outs.  As we mentioned in a former article last year, when I had my first drybar experience in LA (studio city) and met with founder Alli Webb, it’s a simple concept, like no-brainer, but in order to make it fun, the gray, bright yellow, “bar”-theme makes the formula work even better.  Brilliant, I say!

And to get the hype up and running for the Georgetown and Bethesda locations which opened up last Friday, if you spotted the real working hair dryer, “Buttercup”, took a photo with her and Tweeted, Facebooked, you could possibly win a free blowout. Not too shabby, which is what you will look like after your appointment. I have already booked my first DC blowout at drybar (with a floater added, so I’ll get a 10 minute head massage and treatment too total, $50).

Bethesda, MD
4840 Bethesda Ave.

Georgetown, DC
1825 Wisconsin Ave, NW

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