EDGAR Bar & Kitchen Opens in the Mayflower Hotel

EDGAR Bar & Kitchen Opens in the Mayflower Hotel

THE Models at EDGAR opening - REVAMP.com Daniel Swartz

models greeted guests in black and white attire .. a bit of a hey day throw back

The Mayflower Hotel has long been known for its very Washingtonian hush hush hideaway reputation (and a few other reasons) and as much as you might associate the now Marriott Renaissance property with juicy sex scandals and under the radar politicians activities, it’s still a draw to those from far away and near.  The bar, which was once called Town & Country, was dark and uninviting, but J. Edgar Hoover lunched there everyday and plenty of powerful people were known to haunt the restaurant, especially for cocktails.


Flash forward to today.  While still in the historic space, Town & Country has been renovated and renamed: EDGAR Bar & Kitchen, obviously paying homage to its loyal lunch patron.  While its main interest is to draw the ever present power lunchers with “bold traditional American brassiere cuisine and authentically crafted cocktails”, the mid-town venue also is seeking to entice the younger, hipper, sophisticated, social and professional set. This was obvious with the opening party held there last Thursday evening.


Packed to the rim, the multiple dark wood rooms flowed with the “usual suspects” and a whole slew of folks whom, hey, we didn’t know (finally!), who picked at charcuterie, cheeses, breads, mini crab cakes, and more, while filling their glasses with champagne, wines, beers, and cocktails.  The company was well-heeled and spoke at a high decibel to overpower DJ Adrian Loving’s tunes, but the mixing and mingling was at a level of high/happy energy.  It was quite the shindig, if you weren’t at the Caps blowout game, you were most likely one of The Aba Agency’s guests.

Thanks to Daniel Swartz of REVAMP.com for the pictures and take a look at the photos on REVAMP.com from the night.





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