Examining the Mind of the Bond Villain at the International Spy Museum

Examining the Mind of the Bond Villain at the International Spy Museum


Ernst Stavro Blofeld – Bond Villain Extrodinaire (I know you didn’t think this was Dr. Evil…right??)

By Punch Preview Correspondent Lindsey Clark

For most avid fans of the James Bond films, there isn’t anything much more impressive than his never-ending arsenal of gadgets.  We geek out over the invisible cars, x-ray glasses, and rocket packs – but one group who wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at Bond’s collection of deadly watches is the subject of a new exhibit at the International Spy MuseumExquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains, examines those that have tried – unsuccessfully – for half a century to take Bond down, including the likes of Goldfinger, Jaws (yes, they actually have his steel teeth on display), and the infamous Ernst Stavro Blofeld.  The exhibit focuses on the villains we all hate to love, many of whom were inspired by real life people, and in an upcoming event in conjunction with Exquisitely Evil, the Spy Museum will host an event that will take a look inside the brutal minds of the fictional foes of England’s most famous spy.

Blowing Blofeld’s Mind: The Psychology of Villainy will take place at the Spy Museum on Wednesday, March 13th at 6:30 PM.  Experts Dr. David L. Charney (psychiatrist for the infamous spy Robert Hanssen) and Dr. Stanton Samenow (forensic scientist and author, as well as the prosecution’s mental health witness in the case of young DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo) will tell us how Bond villains demonstrate the psychological behavior of real criminals, what leads one to chose a life of crime, and how the criminal brain is capable of both sentimental affection and intense brutality.  Tickets are available online here – don’t miss the chance to go inside the twisted minds of some of Bond’s most worthy adversaries.

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