Food Truck versus Fashion Truck ?

The Styleliner

We are a mobile society.  We know how to move it, move it and when we want something, we want it now.  In fact, most of the time, wanting it now trumps us going to go get it, which is part of the success of internet shopping.  Point, click, pay and let it come to you.  Then came the phenomena of food trucks.  Let them come to you, then point, pay, and eat.  Easy peasy.  Vendors absorb on the heavy duty of delivery instead of us having to go search and rescue our hunger.  Trucks are also a nice way of transporting goods and as the food truck industry knows all too well, there are a lot of things that can be done while mobile, including cooking and tweeting about different locales throughout a city during a week.  I mean, people LITERALLY follow the trucks, chasing them down.

So why not do the same with well.. jewelry?  Yes. I know.  Why didn’t I think of that? is what you may be thinking…

Joey Wolffer founded The Styleliner, accessories boutique on wheels.  This refurbished twenty-­‐foot potato chip truck will be coming to Washington D.C. for six weeks, May 4th -­‐ June 17th. Thursday thru Sunday the Styleliner will be parked in the PNC Bank lot at M Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, hours will be 11am-­‐7pm. On Wednesdays the truck will be parked in Dupont Circle with 10% of sales benefiting Women Thrive International. The W Washington D.C. will also host the Styleliner May 10-­‐12, Thursday and Friday from 6-­‐9pm and Saturday 8pm-­‐ midnight.  Additional Styleliner D.C. events are still being added and will be listed on www.thestyleliner.comas confirmed, so keep checking back.

Joey Wolffer of The Styleliner

Joey Wolffer



The Styleliner

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