For the Love of Dogs

For the Love of Dogs

Before it is too too late, I wanted to make sure I delivered a write-up about last Tuesday’s 5th Annual  Sugar & Champagne Affair at the Hotel Palomar.  I was the guest of DC Modern Luxury’s (the media sponsor) Publisher, Peter Abrahams.  The event was one of the most unique I have been to in quite some time. First, DOGS (yes, K-9’s, not those jerks you meet out at a club) were invited.  Well, they weren’t exactly on the “guest list”, but guests, were allowed to bring pooches in tow.  So, here we have this gorgeous boutique hotel in Dupont Circle, not yet even a year old, with hundreds of Washington’s movers and shakers (moving quickly through the halls chasing after run away pups and shaking dogs off of one’s leg), sampling fine desserts (Sugar) and multiple vineyards of bubblies (Champagne).  It was QUITE the scene.  I didn’t bring a dog with me (my parents have 3 at their home), so how did I survive?

 I have to say, I am a true DOG lover (cats – eh, I can give or take) – and yet, it was like sensory overload. Maybe BECAUSE I am such a dog lover.  I could not stop wanting to touch, stare, watch, pet, baby talk (oh, yes, I am one of the those freaks who when confronted with big brown eyes, a lapping tongue, panting, and this adorable expression of “pet me! love me!” I start saying “you are SOOO cute! yes you are! come here pumpkin! let me pet you!” Ahem.  Excuse me while I get sick.) every little, mid-size and large pup I saw.  It was a true doggie lover’s dream. 

The challenge came when I had stroked just about every dog that came within a 10 foot radius: How do I pick up the finger food?  (By then, I had worked up an appetite) Well, unfortunately, I didn’t. I heard the tasty delights were just that, and wonderful.  I did sample some sparkling wines that were quite fine.  Since the event was to benefit the Washington Humane Society, there were many silent auction items on which to bid, as well as fun things to buy for Spot.  Water dishes and treats were aplenty, and luckily, I saw no “accidents”. 

After awhile, it was time to eat, I was starving.  So we hit Urbana, the hotel’s chic restaurant.  I had been there a few times for cocktails and appetizers with friends in the overly crowded, but fun bar area.  This time we ate in the dining room.  It was just fantastic and I completely recommend it, as well as will go back again and again.  The menu is pretty simple, American fare, and the wine list is not complicated either.  The service was excellent and I loved the setting. Great lighting, mirrors, and sleek decor.  The way the set up is, there are separate spaces so you feel like you are in more of an intimate setting, versus a dining hall.  I had the best minestrone soup ever and this incredible individual pizza served on a bread board.  Yumm….

The funniest thing about the night is that we had the opportunity to go to the Wizards game, and were debating deeply how to get from the Palomar to the Verizon center or vice versa easily.  The start and end times were about the same.  We figured – let’s go to the dog show first, then end at the Wiz.  Thank goodness we didn’t. That was the night they got crushed by Phoenix. (and thank goodness it wasn’t the game they played the night of Gilbert’s birthday party!)

In any case, we had a wonderful time supporting a fantastic worthy cause AND I got my doggie fix in for well, about a month.  I look forward to next year’s Sugar & Champagne!  Did you and Fido go to the event? What did you think? or Have you been to Urbana?  Let us know if what you think!

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