Friendly Reminder: You Are Invited to a Women’s Health Luncheon

Ladies lunching at the Georgetown Waterfront (mommies & non-mommies)

Ladies lunching at the Georgetown Waterfront (mommies & non-mommies)

As I sit in my friend’s apartment watching her care for her 2-year old son who appears to have the equivalent of in my mind, whooping cough (she just took him to the doctor), I think of how exhausted she was last night when I knocked on her door on my way back from Dulles.  She’s a single mom running her household and about to begin a new career, I’m a single non-mom building a bi-coastal business.  We live in two very different worlds, but we are still in danger of forgetting about our own health (she thinking more her child’s health and me, the health of my company).

This. Is. A. Big. No. No.

Ladies, please mark your calendar for a very special Women’s Health Luncheon hosted by Susan Allen, wife of former Governor George Allen, and Dr. Sandy Ibrahim from PartnerMD, the concierge medical practice (where I had my executive physical last year).

Join the very important discussion about the health and wellness challenges that come with a busy lifestyle balancing home and work. Topics will include ways to reduce everyday stress to avoid any incidence of heart disease, especially in women.

It doesn’t matter your age or background, or whether you are running a busy single work life or a mom with five kids.  You will want to be at this luncheon. How many times do we as females think we need to be super women, thus often putting our own health at risk? As one of my friends told me, “You are no good to anyone sick or dead.”  Morbid, but true.

Wednesday, May 25th, 12:30pm-2:30pm, Brio Tuscan Grille, 7854 Tyson Corner Center

Space is limited. Kindly RSVP before May 19 by emailing or calling (703) 962-9914.

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