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Jerry Seinfeld is brilliant, but you already knew that. His story is fascinating – his rise to fame and fortune (through tireless tenacity and talent) is like no other. I love reading about him and learning more about what makes him tick by way of interviews, particularly his last one with Howard Stern. What I’ve always respected about him more than anything though was his radical decision to pull his TV show “Seinfeld” off the air during the height of its extreme popularity. It was a move that left fans dazed and confused (saddened, even angry) and critics, advertisers and television executives shocked. Why the hell would anyone take such a huge success and remove it? There was money to be made and more episodes about nothing to keep us doubled over laughing! How dare he? But how smart was he… he left on a high note. Like “Downton Abbey” just did. (I made my mother promise not to tell me anything about it, but she was impressed, I’ll just say that.) “Seinfeld” would not fall victim to a “jump the shark” scenario which was a term that pointed to a desperate “Happy Days” episode back in the day, an example of a show which did NOT leave on a high note.

With this… I have a very exciting announcement and one that might not surprise you. I’ve been thinking about this for months now.  First I cannot thank you, dear readers enough for your support of Pamela’s Punch for almost a DECADE. I appreciate each of you. I am forever grateful for every single advertiser/sponsor/Punch Partner, for Larry Hackett and Peter Phung of Atyer Service. For Brian Williams and his team at Viget Labs who first coached me in my early days (and hours) of blogging and who transformed my site into what it was supposed to be way back when. There were moments of tears, of exhilaration, of every emotion in between. It’s because of this blog that I got to travel the country and the world, meet and interview the most interesting of celebrities, the most humble of philanthropists, the most talented of artists, the most forceful of activists, and so many more. I got to be on red carpets, attend a plethora of balls and galas, attend openings and closings, even act with stars on stage performing Shakespeare and even cook with Emeril Lagasse on an episode of “Emeril Green” dedicated to my busy life. Over 10 years, there is really not a lot I haven’t done that isn’t courtesy of this blog.

I felt confident I had finally made it when I was on FOX News in December of 2008 with Bret Baier talking about Obama’s first inauguration. I knew I was on the right path when my dad took a photo of me on TV, placed it in a frame and presented it to me that Christmas, hugging me and saying, “I’m proud of you.” I knew I was doing the right things when I was asked to host, emcee, speak on panels (including my alma mater four years in a row for Startup Week), and was being featured in publications as someone who had her finger on the pulse and who could create a business out of a blog. It’s been unreal, fun, hard as hell, exhausting, but a life worth living because of my accidental blog:

In November of 2006, I started a personal blog on a whim called “The Daily Adventures of Pamela Sorensen” on eBlog. It basically chronicled what was going on in my very busy adventurous business, social and philanthropic lives. At the time, I was a partner in a small firm called Potomac Officers Club in Tysons Corner. As Director of Business Development I was responsible for all lines of revenue for this executive/CEO/speaker/event platform, securing advertisers, event sponsors, nationally recognized speakers in the business and political world and interviewees for the digital newsletter. I left that position in spring of 2007 to launch Pamela’s Punch which by then, had gained an audience and had been moved over to a formal blog site. 2007… it was a different world then. I was considered a pioneer in the local blogging space.

Over the years, I built a team, developed and published hundreds and hundreds of blog posts and content that came from my global travels, awesome experiences, charitable events, professional functions and yes, our Punch Partners. I was on television, featured in numerous publications, hosted and emceed multiple events.

Regarding the blog itself, we changed the look, the intent, the format and even the mission a few times, but always, it was a brand that was respected, read and recognized.

I realized years ago that social media was no longer the enemy (from traditional media’s perspective) and was more than accepted, it was necessary. I gained Twitter followers (almost at 11K now) and was busy amplifying and sharing content on my Instagram, Google +, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, and especially Facebook / Fan Page. Even my LinkedIn network was expanding.

What I’ve found is that the majority of impact I/the Punch brand was having was no longer on It was on all of the other platforms for a few reasons. There was already a built in engaged audience. Conversations flowed and variations of content were exchanged and forwarded instantaneously.  It is a different time than even five or three years ago.

We slowed down publishing last year on the blog and even changed to only essays, reviews and interviews, profiling the People in the Know: Punch Profiles, all of which were very well received.

It’s 2016. In November I will have been blogging for 10 years. I don’t intend to stop blogging, but I will be doing it on my Tumblr account, LinkedIn, Facebook (which is the best platform for reach – they are a machine) and a few other places.

What does that mean to you? As I mentioned above, I’ll continue to blog. I’ll be promoting my Punch Partners on all of my platforms and endorsing their brands and business offline, so nothing has changed there.

The blog site will remain up, it will continue to be hosted. There will be a splash page directing readers to all of my social platforms, which are public.

I’m EXCITED about this change. I’m thrilled to go out on a High Note. After all, this business is about anticipation and moving quickly.

Much love, Pamela

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