Geoff Livingston launches his book "Now Is Gone" at Piola

Now is gone book party 029 Wednesday evening, at one of my favorite neighborhood haunts, Piola, my friend Geoff Livingston held his book launch party.  His book entitled: Now Is Gone (Bartleby Books) is in essence a primer for executives and entrepreneurs pertaining to new media.  Geoff is such an expert in the world of new media, blogging, online social networking, PR and marketing that after he had been asked so many times for his advice and to impart his wisdom, he thought, “Why not just write a book?”  A book? With paper pages? So NOT new media. Not to fear.  He and his co-authors are so cool, they created a blog to go along with the book to cover the topics as well as the book’s progress.

(Geoff thanks his publisher, co-authors and guests)

Now is gone book party 031 His guests (about 100 or so) last night were all pretty much in the world of new media, online marketing and social networking and PR.  They were all there to support our guy, buy a book or 3, and of course socialize and meet each other.  Again, what a small world. Turns out many of already knew each other! 

(Scott Stephens and Cara Pomponio)

Congratulations to Geoff and his hard work.  Should you be interested in picking up this content rich quick read yourself, please go to 

Now is gone book party 033 My only question for Geoff is: If now is really gone… then when can we expect Now Is Gone v 2.0?  I have a feeling it is underway!

2 Replies to “Geoff Livingston launches his book "Now Is Gone" at Piola”

  1. FUnny you mention that, Pam. I’m working on the book proposal this weekend for my agent.

    Thanks so much for this great write up and everything you did to help me. You are a great egg, and I can’t wait for your party next week.

  2. Hi Pam,

    I came to your Blog from Geoff’s post. I must say a=very cool Blog I will sign up as a subscriber. I was at the party too and it was interesting to meet a lot of Geoff’s friends.

    I will lookmforward to catching up on the DC scene with your Blog. I am going through Now Is Gone and will try to shake up things at work.


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