GM Collections Show at MiN New York

Giuliana Michelotti in MiN NYC
Giuliana Michelotti (blonde in the center) talks with a client

Bespoke perfumes, candles, scents and  delicately hand crafted jewelry; they seem to meld perfectly and naturally together. After all, such items are so very personal. With only a slight whiff to the nose, one’s emotions are tapped, memories flood to our mind’s forefront, our pupils can become diluted, smiles (or frowns) pop immediately to our faces. Placing exquisite jewels and metals on our skin, we admire, we dream, we foresee a future of moments when wearing such pieces where we are the belle of the ball, or we are simply quieted, inspired, or thrilled.


This week while in Soho, I had the chance to visit with a new acquaintance, the Italian jewelry and housewares designer Giuliana Michelotti of GM Collections, whom I had met in DC at a trunk show. She was holding an intimate gathering at MiN New York, the the elite bespoke parfumerie, apothecary, and atelier on Crosby Street, steps up from the Crosby Hotel. The shoppe is small, yet inviting, with shelves and tables lined end to end with glass bottles, finely in-scripted boxes, bone China containers, scent sticks, ointments, testers, candles, lotions, soaps, accessories, unusual knick knacks and much more woven in and around telling a story, a lifestyle of interest and adventure from around the globe.


Seeming to notice this stranger (me) was unsure on how to proceed around the boutique, Chad Murawczyk, the handsome and friendly founder of MiN New York politely gave me tour, telling the story of how they curate each special product, and how Mindy Yang, company’s vice president (and GM Collections fan) , could help find “my scent”. Mindy, petite bubbly, yet knowledgeable and professional, listened intently to my likes and dislikes of former perfumes and we started on our treasure trail, and finally after many a sniff, landed on Vanilla Intense and Cozumel (which reminds me so much of summer).  Armed with my newfound discoveries, I went up to the counter, where the lovely staff person transferred some drops into two sample sizes, labeled them and after some time catching up with Giuliana, and saying Ciao to all, I was off into the evening.


By the way, it was suggested that I wear each for a few days to find out which scent I’d fall in love with, which went best with my chemistry and felt more like “me”. Still working on it….will share the verdict!


MiN New York Founder Chad Murawczyk
left stands MiN New York Founder Chad Murawczyk talking to guests

You can learn more about GM Collections and visit MiN New York : 117 CROSBY STREET [ BTW. PRINCE & HOUSTON ]

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