Happy 10th Anniversary / Birthday to Sprinkles Cupcakes : On April 13th Get Your Free Cupcake!

April ANNIVERSARY Birthday Cake
The Sprinkle!


We’ve been fans of Sprinkles Cupcakes for years now, both on the east and west coast (the company originated in Beverly Hills) not only because founder Candace Nelson gave our Pacific Punch writer Kristin Martell a fabulous interview, but in 2011, but because the company has continued to support many of our sea-to-shining-sea charity endeavors. Oh, and the cupcakes taste damn good.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Happy 10th Birthday, Happy decade of filling up our bellies with joy and sweet goodness in every market Sprinkles Cupcakes! May you continue your success for at least another 10 or 100 years.

Folks, in honor of 10 fantastic years, Sprinkles will debut the “Sprinkle,” a cheery birthday cake loaded with rainbow sprinkles. Customers who stop by the Sprinkles Cupcakes Georgetown location on M Street anytime on April 13th will receive a free celebratory Sprinkles cupcake.

Sprinkles is located at:

3015 M Street NW
Washington D.C. 20007

History of Sprinkles:

Cupcake History and Evolution

The first mention of the cupcake can be traced to 1796 when a recipe notation of a cake to be baked in small cups was written by American Cookery. Historically, cupcakes were made from excess cake batter. Bakers making a cake and not wanting to waste excess batter would fill smaller “cup cake” pans instead. Most cupcake recipes are simply cake recipes baked in a cupcake pan. Candace, after graduating pastry school, decided to flip this idea on its head. Knowing that cupcakes are so different from cakes in size, surface area and frosting-to-cake ratio, she adjusted her recipes and bake times to be optimized for the pint-sized treat. By doing so, Candace elevated the cupcake from an afterthought to the star of the show!

The Growth of the Cupcake Shop

In 2003, when Candace and Charles were searching for the perfect space in Los Angeles to launch their business, dozens of landlords hung up on them after hearing “we’re opening a cupcake shop.” A cupcake shop had never existed and landlords were skeptical of this concept which had never been tested. When Sprinkles finally opened the world’s first cupcake bakery on April 13, 2005, it sold out within a few a couple hours. Copycats followed suit quickly and the Sprinkles model, design aesthetic and branding was replicated across the globe within months. Today, the “cupcake only” store concept is considered a viable business model.

Innovation and Growth

Sprinkles has grown from one bustling bakery in Beverly Hills to 17 domestic and 2 international locations. In 2012, the company continued its foray into classic American desserts with the launch of Sprinkles Ice Cream and Cookies. The Nelsons, valuing a business philosophy of continuous innovation, launched the world’s first cupcake truck and the world’s first Cupcake ATM.

Red Velvet

Sprinkles has sold 25,000,000 red velvet cupcakes since 2005. When the bakery launched in Beverly Hills, Red Velvet was virtually unheard of on the West Coast. Candace and Charles hoped people would be intrigued by this Southern classic. Customers looked at them puzzled… “does it taste like cherry?” they would ask. A decade later, Red Velvet is Sprinkles’ most iconic flavor and it is difficult to walk into a bakery anywhere in the country without spotting this gorgeous red cake.

April ANNIVERSARY Birthday Cake3

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