Holiday Feature Part 2

Maurisa Potts with her family

Maurisa Potts, Founder & CEO, Spotted MP Marketing & Public Relations 
Where are you spending the holidays? What are your plans? How are they same or different than other years? 
I am spending the holidays in the comfort of our home. Being a native Northern Virginian, I am always thankful during the holidays that I don’t have to travel. The majority of our family are here and instead of a traditional Christmas dinner, I will be hosting our annual pajama brunch on Christmas Day (we prefer not be fancy pants dressed on Christmas Day). Come dressed in your non-holy pajamas or lounge wear. For Christmas dinner, we are hitting our neighborhood Chinese restaurant – House of Dynasty, that has the best Chinese food in this area in which people drive from all parts of the area to nosh there. Between Christmas and New Years we will enjoy a staycation and be a tourist in our backyard – visiting museums and holiday attractions in the DC area (to keep my son occupied – ha!)

What do you want from Santa?

On the world front, what I want from Santa is for the world to calm the hell down (to be blunt). There has been so much turmoil, sadness and hatred in the world that I pray for healing and peace as this “new normal” is ripping our world apart and its simply heartbreaking and unsettling. On a lighthearted front, I asked for an old school item that seems to be new or “trending” again – a record player. I am a big fan of keeping some old school memories and elements alive. I regularly use a hashtag #RespectTheOldSchool on Facebook among friends when I post old school related things. I have LP’s in my possession from growing up that I would love to play again and enjoy that LP vintage sound again.

Anything special you are planning for someone? Shh, we won’t tell! 

We will be getting our son one big gift which will be the X-Box One after a long resistance to it…(sigh) I blame his older nephews and my son’s best friend in getting him hooked on it. The last time I played a video gaming system? My Atari. Although, I admit I did love that thing so much that it would overheat from playing it so much. Frogger anyone? Needless to say, my son will lose his mind when he opens his gift.

What are you doing to take care of yourself?

I am trying very hard to have a certain amount of time each day for me time. Me time is very important to me to stay centered, focused and calm on all fronts (work life, mom life, home life). So whatever that me time involves (working out, reading, napping, shopping, pedicure or just being still), I set tight boundaries to make sure it happens everyday. I do a lot for others on a daily basis, its important to do me as well by carving out quality me time.

Rebecca Cooper, Executive In Residence, Kogod Business School at American University

Rebecca Cooper will be spending her Christmas in a galaxy far, far away – aka the Imax Theater at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum to see the new Star Wars (again). With cousins coming from Pennsylvania & Singapore, we got voted the “place to be” since the Air & Space museum theater is apparently one of only ten theaters in the country that will be showing THE FORCE AWAKENS in 2D 70mm on the big screen. Rebecca isn’t sure why that matters but Star Wars purists say it’s a big deal, so she’s hoping that will be enough to keep all the many family members amused and content for the holiday of togetherness.

Judith Koritsas with her kids in Georgetown
Judith Koritsas with her kids in Georgetown

Judith Koritsas, Owner, Celadon Spa & Salon 

What are your plans? How are they same or different than other years?

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! It’s just the best time for family and friends togetherness. I love the decorations, Christmas carols, Christmas movies, and the baking.

We have spent our Christmas Day every year for the last twenty years (except two when we were both overseas) with the same family. They are ex-pats like ourselves, and we used to be neighbours in Georgetown before we moved. We co-cook Christmas dinner together at their house for about twelve people depending on who else is around, and a few more people drop by for an open house around mid-day. It is a food and drink fest which ends with the adults (I won’t call us grown-ups) dancing to 80’s music to the horror of our teenage children. And yes, we are all very merry 🙂 Christmas would not be the same without this special family.

Christmas Eve we have always gone to St. John’s Church on O Street in Georgetown for the children’s service at 4pm. I just love the lessons and belting out the Christmas carols (I have a terrible voice), whilst the kids are running around delirious with excitement. Then we walk over the Billy Martin’s Tavern for an early dinner, and home to wrap gifts and make the obligatory Christmas trifle – a recipe my Mother always made for Christmas, and which I would not be allowed over the threshold of our friend’s house on Christmas Day without. Oh, and I have to take sausage rolls too which are another traditional British must-have a bit like pigs-in-a-blanket.

What do you want from Santa?

I always ask for experiences – movie or theater tickets, brunch in the countryside, or a massage (yes, I do go to other spas!). And a Christmas ornament to add to my collection.

What are you doing to take care of YOURSELF?

I love to watch Christmas movies with a nice glass of wine. Elf, Polar Express, Love Actually, White Christmas, The Grinch and a Christmas Carol (any version) are all my favorites.

I used to be able to get the children to watch with me – but those days are gone and it’s just my husband (if I can persuade him) and/or the dog!

I also love to bake – it’s so relaxing. But I have a terrible sweet tooth so I don’t do it very often. I have just whipped up a batch of cranberry, walnut, chocolate chip, orange cookies which are staring at me provocatively right now. Yum. I intend to take them into the salon tomorrow – we’ll see.

Part 3 Coming Soon …

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