I Don’t Care How You Get There, Just Get There If You Can

We all know that the Oleta Adams lyrics are really “get HERE”, not THERE, but it seems like the universe has been offering a two-way travel bug.  Get here to DC (or stay here and discover the playground that exists under your very nose) or get there.  Whatever you do …. get somewhere. It’s summer and time to move it.

Well, that sounds all fine and good, but in these challenging economic times (and as Peter Greenberg told us at the Punch, airlines are trying to make up for past losses by charging patrons anything “short of breathing”), there’s a probability you may peek into the bank account and/or plastic (pretend) funds and realize that the green is a lesser shade of gold.  That mon frere, is when you leave your destination (and delivery) to chance.

Enter the Travel Onion and it’s new feature “Travel Contests”. Launched today, this site that consists of about 200 Editor’s Choice Travel blogs (the Punch made the DC list, whoohoo!) from all over, now offers a way for the most frugal and lucky traveler to get from Point A to M to Z and back again.  Check it out, enter and may your passport runneth over.


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