It’s July 12th. Do You Know Where Your Summer Has Gone?

When July 1st hit, the number of “We are already halfway through the year!” statuses which popped up on my Facebook Newsfeed were aplenty. Even I piled on with a thought provoking rhetorical question (I joke about the thought provoking part): Where does the time go? No really people, where in the hell has this year gone? Part of the challenge that many of those in fundraising, event planning, public relations, media relations, charity and social function forming have is we are constantly in the mode of 6-9 months ahead, so much so that we cannot fully live in the professionally live in the moment. We live a life of counting backward, deadlines, and the pressure to be fulfill and execute BEFORE “the date”. And we do this with multiple clients, non-profits, and organizations. It’s juggling act.


a pier in the Outer Banks, NC

Which is why, the famous doldrums of DC’s summer (albeit humid, sticky, muggy and downright disgusting) are embraced and the quiet is cherished and vacations are appreciated and the meetings are fewer and the let’s wait until I/you/they/he/she get back’s are given the OK’s. That is why I took the opportunity to explore Manhattan last month (and will be back working out of the Tribeca office monthly) and will be driving to Kitty Hawk aka OBX next week.

If you can get away for a weekend, there’s a special quaint place west of here in the mountains called the Deer Park Inn, a sweet B&B owned and operated by former Washingtonians. My next post will be about why you should make this a cool getaway – romantic or just because.

And yes, I’ll be blogging and working with the team. Thanks to MSL Group and General Motors North East Region for the Chevrolet Equinox.

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