Jordin Sparks Takes the Stage at Childhelp’s Annual Capitol CAREaoke

Jordin Sparks Takes the Stage at Childhelp’s Annual Capitol CAREaoke

Jordin Sparks at Capitol CAREaoke

Jordin Sparks after her performance sitting down to watch the amateurs sing

They say they save the best for last, however, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this time, that is simply not true, considering American Idol winner and REAL star of the stage JORDIN SPARKS who was the special guest of Wednesday night’s Capitol CAREaoke, sang a few songs ahead of the Ladies of Talladaga Nights, aka the Scene Setters.  At least we didn’t have to directly follow the young gorgeous talented (and gracious) diva like Michael Jenkins did, who opened with “I’d like to thank the organizers of this event for having me go right after Jordin Sparks…” Fortunately, Mr. Jenkins wowed us all with his karaoke rendition of “That Girl is Poison”.  But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s go over a few things from a returning (for the 2nd year in a row) Star of the Stage, who is such a diva, that she (aka me) said, “I will sing. WITH A GROUP.”  Again, this is all for charity, so the media, political and sports personalities who put aside their pride for the evening did so in good humor because of Childhelp’s mission in life.  Stop child abuse.  For the love of God, do we all wish Childhelp didn’t even have to exist.

Wendy Adeler Hall & Heidi Kallett

Wendy Adeler Hall of Adeler Jewelers (have you seen their new Great Falls store?) & Heidi Kallett (have you seen all of her new Dandelion Patch locations?)

WJLA’s Rebecca Cooper was the emcee and host for the evening, this has been known as her thing in town and so many of her media friends show up annually to support her and the amazing work that the leadership, staff, Board and volunteers do for Childhelp.  This year, the sit down dinner was held in the Reagan Building Atrium, instead of a ball room, so acoustics were a little, shall we say, challenging, but you know. We are professional volunteers, so the show must go on!

The packed event was privy to songs from The Tommy Show from FRESH 94.7FM, who opened the show with “Love Shack” because they had to leave and go to bed as they have to get up at 3am for the morning radio show, MiX 107.3FM Radio Girls singing “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, who included my buddy Chilli Amar (we talked about how nice it is to finally be in love in the “green room”), then a huge CNN group sang “Sweet Caroline” (they always represent) with stars like Dana Bash, Lisa Dejardins, Lisa Sylvester, Jill Chappel, Gloria Borger, Peter Morris and Athena Jones and then FOX blasted out a favorite, “Don’t Stop Believing”, with their group including Shannon Bream, Melanie Alnwick, Jennifer Griffin, Rich Edson, Jake Serwer, and Lanna Britt.  Whew! In between acts, Childhelp had speakers, videos, awards to Heidi and Joe Kallett for their good work for the charity and in the community and of course the live auction which from what I could see and sort of hear from the green room, raised an incredible amount of money.

Kiki Ryan, Kate Michael, Paulie Harraka, Pamela Sorensen, Elizabeth Manresa

Kiki Ryan, Kate Michael, Paulie Harraka, me, Elizabeth Manresa

Later, WJLA came on with “Baby” by Justin Beiber; Pamela Brown and Natasha Barrett sang their hearts out as Kendis Gibson performed Beiber’s entire dance in front of them on the stage, then DC Councilman Jack Evans did his version of “Jack the Knife” which he has been singing literally for about 20 years, then the crowd grew quiet with anticipation, as Jordin Sparks took the stage, singing an acapella solo, then two adorable little girls (Annalise Myre, Ella Cain) got on stage with her and together they brought the crowd to their feet with Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”, you know that song you cannot get out of your head for hours… and then Ms. Sparks closed up her show with a Whitney Houston song, as the two of them had had a connection.


The Tommy Show from FRESH 94.7FM sing "Love Shack"

I mean, well … how do you follow that?  Michael Jenkins did with Bel Biv Devoe.  And then, it was time for our entrance.  I’m not going to lie and say we were upstairs in the green room playing pinochle.  We’d had a few cocktails.  But we are the Scene Setters (Kiki Ryan, Kate Michael, Elizabeth Manresa) and that’s how we roll.  So we hit the stage with THIS (“Life in the Fast Lane” by the Eagles, featuring Nascar driver Paulie Harraka, who has been a huge supporter of Childhelp and even sang last year) :

Thanks to all who participated again this year. Every day, 5 children die from child abuse, which is a disgusting and heart breaking statistic, but with the work of Childhelp, we can make a difference in this number and in the lives of all children.

Go to www.childhelp.orgto learn more.

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