Kickstart a #KetchupRevolution : Introducing ‘Chups the Ketchup Gamechanger

Bet you didn’t know there could be so much more to your boring old regular ketchup squirt. I didn’t. Then again, if you don’t question, you don’t act,  you don’t change, you remain the same. And boring. Because you didn’t know you could have VARIETY.

Matt and Kori Wallace, newly weds/innovators/foodies/entrepreneurs have been busy working on bringing we the diners, a new and fresh way to enjoy ketchup.  The DC-based couple has developed a line of fruit ketchups, called ‘Chups, and have just launched a 45 day Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign TODAY, January 21st, to raise $12,000 in startup funds. Supporters of the campaign will help bring their products to restaurants and store shelves throughout the region.


Thanks to Heinz, we are programmed to think ketchup was, is and always will be made with tomatoes, but when you watch the Kickstarter video, you learn a bit of history on that red sauce. “Cooks brewed delicious blends of fruits, vinegar, spices and other ingredients long before tomato ketchup became a household staple. Our goal is to bring these different flavors back into American cuisine,” says Matt.

The ‘Chups line of fruit ketchups feature five original flavors: cherry, blueberry, peach, mango, and plum. Each variety uses whole fruits and other natural ingredients instead of tomatoes, but still has the same tangy and sweet zip of tomato ketchup.

The creators plan to promote their products to the public through local and regional restaurants, utilizing the knowledge and passion of those in the food industry. “Chefs understand our concept,” explains Kori, who is in charge of ‘Chups marketing and online presence. The couple recently had the pleasure of meeting one of their biggest inspirations, José Andrés of ThinkFoodGroup, whose pop-up restaurant America Eats Tavern offered a variety of different ketchups made from early-American recipes. “José was supportive of our ideas and offered some invaluable advice. His knowledge and passion for food is absolutely unparalleled.”

After a year and a half of developing recipes and gathering feedback, the ‘Chups creators are launching their Kickstarter campaign with a goal of generating $12,000 for startup costs. The funds will help bring the operation to DC’s local food incubator, Union Kitchen. The couple emphasizes, “Operating in a commercial space is essential for our success due to D.C. food regulations. Union Kitchen fosters a positive, collaborative atmosphere that will be invaluable for bringing ‘Chups to the D.C. market and beyond.”

The ‘Chups Kickstarter campaign can be found by visiting this link: 

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