Mirror Mirror on the Wall…Who Has the Best Movember Mustache of Them All?

It’s already November 19th and surely you’ve heard of the international men’s health mustache movement, Movember.  And surely, you’ve been struck by the sight of an odd, out of place (and decade), perhaps unkempt and unflattering caterpillar creeping across the upper lip of an otherwise “normal” looking man.  Yes, thank him for putting himself out there if you see one such strange male, for he has set aside his masculine vanity and braved the world of growing a mustache AND raising money for the betterment of men like him across the globe, by participating in Movember.  They are focusing on prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

If you are part of a team, or ladies, if your guy is, please SEND US PHOTOS and their Team Links. We want to publicize this fuzzy facial hair phenomenon.  We’ll keep the Punch Community up to date with the last days of Movember and hopefully, you will gain more dollars for your lip-do.

Please Tweet us at @pamelaspunch or send to pamelaspunch@gmail.com. May the most motivated money making mustachio win.

Matt Bronczek's Movember Mustache

Matt Bronczek's Movember Mustache. His team is Creepy Lip Sweaters.



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