Once Upon a Time… I Discovered Nail Saloon

Nail Saloon artist
a Nail Saloon artist at work

By Punch Correspondent Loreana S. Gonzalez Lazzarini

Once upon a time, a young woman was walking down the street dreaming of finding the perfect nail salon in D.C.  She decided to venture onto 14th Street to see what she could find. After all, the Logan Circle/14th Street corridor had changed so much during the six years she had lived in the area, that every corner seemed to hold a hidden treasure. And then she saw the sign. Right above the Chipotle and Zengo Cycle, she found Nail Saloon, and all her nails wishes came true.

Nail Saloon wedding party

Reasons to love Nail Saloon:

*Polishes- Nail Saloon only uses ‘5-free’ color, polishes without Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Resin or Camphor, which means these are actually good for your nails.

*You can get your nails done while having a beverage or cocktail, and I love how they call their cocktails, enchanted laboratories specialties such as Cosmopolish!

*The salon is spick and span and glittery clean. Plus they use the nail tools only once and have a very advanced ventilation system that makes the place smell dreamy.

*I have only met one of the two owners so far, but the one with whom I have interacted has one of these great personalities which is bubbly and alluring. You will want to keep coming back to the salon just to catch up with her.  So far she has changed my life in a tiny but impactful way by thoughtfully recommending a website that has become my daily inspirational mantra.

*They give back: Nail Saloon donates 3% of their daily profits to organizations that promote community empowerment in their neighborhoods. In Logan Circle, they give to Coalition for the Homeless. Also, they participate in S3, the saloon Support System. Through partnerships with local organizations, S3 sponsors young women in need giving them free mani/pedis when they agree to be mentored by their clients, while both get their nails done.

the menu
the menu

I have visited Nail Saloon a few times now but the last time I was there, a bridal party including the father of the bride and the groom were being pampered and having a ball, as it should be! I just love this place and felt the need to share this amazing discovery, hope you patronize the place as much as I do.

You can book appointments at http://www.thenailsaloon.com/ 

Open every day, 9am – 9pm | 202-299-0095 | Logan Circle at P & 14th Streets
1508 14th Street NW, 2nd Floor

Nail Saloon lobby


Nail Saloon mani & pedi stations

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