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I was around 27 years old when one could find me lip-synching and dancing around my Reston, Virginia apartment (alone or with a gal pal, wine always included) to Britney Spears “…Baby One More Time”. Ah, memories. They were good memories. Back then, Britney Spears was the equivalent of a carefree time in our lives. Fun! Bubble gum! Short skirts! Dance floors! Kissing on dance floors! Lots of bouncing around! Lots of laughs and giggles. And yes, I was 27.

Britney created a loyal female fan base not purely from her catchy tunes and memorable lyrics which seemed to resonate with us at any age, but because thanks to MTV/VH-1 we had the visuals to go along (and to strive to imitate – the moves, the hair! those abs!). Dumping a lot of money into creating mini-movies for us to watch that were highly energized, sexual and intriguing only fed the monster which was Britney’s millions and millions of followers. Her concerts sold out immediately (I went to one at the Verizon Center) and we waited with bated breath for her next album to drop. Yes, there were the “troubling years” (and that looney Chris “Leave Britney alone!” Crocker) but a loyal fan base is a loyal fan base is a loyal fan base. Plus, now there is a new fresh generation of girls to appreciate her music. So Britney, that resilient woman who once made headlines for kissing Madonna on stage during a televised primetime awards show, made her comeback…again. And we are lucky celebrate her thanks to

Britney Spears' It’s Britney, Bach!

Created by Women for Women, is Now Offering Their Best Bachelorette Party Package Yet: It’s Britney, Bach!, Las Vegas’ first-of-its kind boutique concierge service designed exclusively for women by women, announced their most exciting bachelorette party package yet, It’s Britney, Bach! The package is created by Las Vegas party experts for women looking to have a one-of-a-kind, luxury, VIP experience for their bachelorette party and will be offered until the end of 2016.’s newest It’s Britney, Bach! package offers tickets to Britney: Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, recently voted “Best Overall Show” and “Best Bachelorette Party” in Las Vegas, as well as VIP access to the most exclusive nightclubs on the Strip.’s experts handpicked the most sought after Bachelorette party experiences to create the unforgettable and unlike any other, and decided to partner with Britney: Piece of Me after receiving several requests from bachelorette parties to see Britney’s headlining Las Vegas show. The It’s Britney, Bach! Package includes:

    • One Britney: Piece of Me ticket


  • VIP Nightclub Access and Open Bar to Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas



  • VIP entry to Drai’s Beachclub • Nightclub at The Cromwell



  • Groups of 8+ also receive a signed Britney Spears picture for the bachelorette



  • Additional Packages available that include VIP Table with premium seating, Meet & Greet and access to a VIP check-in




Women are very different from men when it comes to planning, so it’s important to be very detail oriented.

Bri Steck Headshot
Bri Steck

We had an opportunity to catch up with Bri Steck, CEO and Owner of (above).

Pamela’s Punch: How and why did you launch this concierge service?

Bri Steck: We are a boutique concierge service created to help women plan the best girl’s trip to Vegas.  With so many options and so many other things to worry about when planning a trip with a bunch of ladies, we wanted to make the process as seamless as possible.  Most of our guests will call 3-6 months before their scheduled trip and our sales agents will spend an average of 30 minutes per phone call to walk them through all of their options that best fit their budget.  We are very hands on throughout the entire process. As a Vegas Native I was always asked what should we do, what clubs should we go to, etc. was created so that I wasn’t just helping my friends with the best advice but anyone wanting insider knowledge and access to the best Vegas has to offer. We spent a year researching other companies, beta testing the site, etc. and found that there really isn’t another company that solely focuses on planning a girls’ night out. Women are very different from men when it comes to planning, so it’s important to be very detail oriented. Price is a big factor as well, women typically do not spend money the same way that men do, so through my relationships we were able to make our packages very affordable.

Britney is very popular and aligns perfectly with our general demographic.

PP: Who is your clientele? Who would most benefit from booking a VGNO package? Where is the furthest away you’ve had a group originate?

BS: Any woman from anywhere is our clientele.  You don’t have to fall within a certain age group and that is what makes VGNO so amazing.  We offer something for everyone.  You might just want a fun “mommy’s weekend”, but you’re not really into going to a nightclub anymore – we have the best restaurants, limo transportation and shows for every demographic.  Although, we do work on A LOT of bachelorette packages because we have the best rates to Thunder from Down Under (it helps that my husband co-owns/co-produces the show) and I work so closely with all the major nightclubs that they work really well with our groups too. I believe the furthest a group has come from would either be Australia, Africa or Ireland.

PP: What have been some of your biggest challenges? Anything you have been able to learn from? After all, there are a lot of moving parts (and people).

BS: In the beginning we learned that the girls have a hard time collecting money and getting everyone on the same page.  We suggest that the person doing the leg work (usually the Maid of Honor) makes the decision with the bride and determine the budget before making the call.  Also, when collecting money from everyone becomes difficult we suggest a few apps that we work with for collecting funds (i.e. square cash. We have a blog dedicated to this) because we do require one payment in full before you purchase. On our Thunder from Down Under tickets we do offer insurance, so if someone backs out after you already paid then you can use that money for other services that we offer – this has become pretty successful because we do not offer refunds or exchanges. We also recommend purchasing transportation ahead of time.  Nothing is worse than waiting in a taxi line for an hour and then having to split your party into 4 cabs or 4 different Ubers.

Stick to what your gut is telling you even if everyone else tells you otherwise. Women have the best intuition, so use it for business too!

PP: This Britney package looks incredible. What made you create it, in other words, why Britney over other Vegas residing “divas”?

BS: Britney is very popular and aligns perfectly with our general demographic. We worked on getting Britney for a while and once we knew she was on board we couldn’t wait to come up with the packages and fun names!

PP: What can the women except with this Britney experience?

BS: A lot of fun!!! Britney’s show is amazing! She performs at Planet Hollywood and not only is she an incredible performer, but the dancers, costumes, sets and videos are to die for! The best part is that with a party of 8 or more the bride (guest of honor) will receive an autographed photo.  She just really puts on an amazing performance and you get to sing along the entire time.

PP: Have any quick pieces of sage advice for women entrepreneurs in the hospitality / service industry or just overall?

BS: Know what you want, keep your eye on the prize and don’t let anyone sway you otherwise.  Stick to what your gut is telling you even if everyone else tells you otherwise. Women have the best intuition, so use it for business too!

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