Philips Healthcare & The Moth Present: Getting it Off Our Chests: Stories from Breast Cancer Survivors

Philips Healthcare & The Moth Present: Getting it Off Our Chests: Stories from Breast Cancer Survivors

The Survivors - Sally Barnes. Christine Delucchi. Marjorie Stromberg Miller

The Survivors - Sally Barnes. Christine Delucchi. Marjorie Stromberg Miller

By Punch Pep Correspondent Elizabeth Fischer

When it comes to breast cancer, I am fairly certain everyone is aware of Susan G. Komen’s walk – 3 days to erase breast cancer.  And when you see a pink ribbon, there is no need to question its significance or reference.  But did you know that 1 in 8 US women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.  I didn’t.  Did you know that 70% of breast cancer is not hereditary?  Did you know there are only 2 treatment options? And that with both the 5 year survival rate is very high but at 20 years the survival rate for the less invasive procedure is not good?  I didn’t.  I must admit that before being approached to attend tonight’s event, I knew very little about breast cancer.  While I know three people who were diagnosed with breast cancer – my aunt, a friend from elementary school and a neighbor – and I know they all have a clean bill of health – I do not know much more than that because, quite frankly, I didn’t want to harass or invade the individual’s privacy.  But given the statistic and the percentage that is non-hereditary, breast cancer is a disease I would like to be armed against.

While it seems everything has been done when it comes to raising breast cancer awareness (races, walks and ribbons galore) and the significance of these milestones are not lost.  Philips Healthcare decided something more personal needed to be added to the mix.  That is why they are taking a nontraditional approach to raising breast cancer awareness by hosting a storytelling event with The Moth.

            “Breast cancer survival stories are as different as the women who live them.”


The event is tonight at The Woolly Mammoth Theatre.  The audience will be a part of each woman’s experience with breast cancer.  These inspiring stories come from women from very different walks of life.  To give you a taste of how different these women are:

-          Marjorie, a 26 year-old journalist/blogger who recently got married (April 2012), will talk about the challenges of planning a wedding while recovering from breast cancer

-          Sally, a Philips employee and self-proclaimed glamour girl, wrote a book about her double mastectomy, recovery from breast cancer, and life with her new enhanced figure

-          Christine Delucchi, a successful D.C.-based businesswoman and owner of 2 communications companies – Delucchi+ Strategic Communications and Blue Bug Digital – took breast cancer treatment into her own hands, eschewing chemotherapy in favor of a plant-based diet that helped lead her to recovery

I recently interviewed the three women and can attest you are in for a real treat.  (Those interviews and tonight’s event will be shared in a separate post).  If you attend, you will not be disappointed and you will be treated to “three unexpected, funny, poignant, and ultimately inspiring tales of discovery, treatment and triumph.”

The event will be hosted by Ophira Eisenberg, a stand-up comic, storyteller, author, and host of NPR’s Ask Me Another. She performs stand-up regularly at comedy clubs in New York City, and headlines across the US, Canada, and Europe.  I encourage you to come out tonight and learn about a health issue important to all of us – man, woman & child – because you will learn there is life and sexiness after breast cancer.

To RSVP, please e-mail Thy-Ann Nguyen at; or register at; or call 202-572-2023.  There is also registration at the door.  The event is free.

Tuesday, June 5th | 7:30 p.m. performance (storytelling) | Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company | 641 D Street, N.W., Washington DC

If you can’t make it, look for my upcoming posts on the event and interviews.


About Elizabeth Fischer:
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