Punch Pick : Farmers Fishers Bakers

Punch Pick : Farmers Fishers Bakers

Apparently I am not the only one who hasn’t been back to the Georgetown Waterfront / Washington Harbour area since the flood of 2011 attacked and destroyed this staple of Food & Beverage & People Watching. Known to the locals as the place to play hooky on a warm spring day, to spend the majority of your Sunday Funday, to take a romantic stroll along the boardwalk, to ride your bicycle weaving in and out of tourists, or even where you can watch people gaping at you as you swig your Champagne flute while dancing on your friend’s friend’s friend’s obnoxious docked boat, this section of town embraces the casual attire, the families, the couples, and the large groups to drink in its nectar (aka alcohol) and chew on its crabmeat (or any foodstuff).

Spending tens of millions of dollars, the restaurants and bars have come back with a fury, new and improved and set in the middle of this new look and feel is an ice skating rink (where the fountain is), being properly used, early and often.  I’d not yet set eyes on this rink until the other night so I was having a hard time picturing it, and actually, it’s quite perfect.  Sometimes the best things come out of the worst situations.  It is quite charming to observe, idyllic, and quaint, not quite Norman Rockwell as it’s surrounded by concrete, but pretty close.

My dinner date hadn’t been down there for a long time either, because she actually mentioned not wanting to walk across the parking lot in the dark. I wrote back that the parking lot hadn’t been there for a number of years and had been replaced by a park.  She chose to Uber instead anyway.  We met at Farmers Fishers & Bakers, the new “hot” spot in Georgetown and in town for that matter.  Replacing the original Farmers & Fishers, the new design will blow you away.  The bar has moved to the center of the large curved L-shaped space instead of opposite of the window line and the entire theme of farmers, fishers and bakers has been incorporated into each room, it’s a fantastical setting which entices you first by its simple grandeur.  It almost just gets you excited to eat, I mean, if these people are that turned on by the farm, ocean and baking ingredients that they had to display them so sexily, then you WANT to be a part of the experience.

And they do. A girlfriend who suggested we try it out said, “You’d better have reservations!” Making ours for 730 in the hubbub of the dining hours was smart, I’d heard extensive waiting times for walk-ins. They had several hostesses manning the stand pleasantly greeting and directing, I checked in and went to the bar for a vodka martini. The bar was crowded, but I easily got the eye of a busy tender. I inquired about the types of vodkas, he replied all fair-trade. I let him choose. You won’t find Grey Goose here. The glass was that of one I’d imagine used in the era of Mad Men and the “twist” was a spoonsize cut of the lemon skin placed on top. Interesting. I’m always up for different.

Farmers Fishers Bakers

Washington City Paper photo

I watched the sushi chefs rolling and creating, and I observed what diners were picking and choosing. The wait staff weaved in and out smoothly carrying and delivering sushis and pretzel breads, meat dishes, salads. I watched a dad and daughter date eat pizza. When my friend arrived, I’d moved to directly behind the hostess stand, where there is a long ledge for people to place drinks upon.  In one of the open space rooms, there was a private wine tasting event, creating more noise and energy.

We were taken to a nice booth along the window, the last one so we were away from the entrance and a lot of the loudness.  I noted that the window booths were great, but across from them sat lowly oddly out of place (the furniture looked out of place and not comfortable) two-tops.

After perusing the long menu, which was divided into the themed sections, along with sushi, salad, pizza and sides. We asked our server what was her favorite.  Now, I know she was being honest, but my friend and I did have a chuckle (her petit self weighs about 85 lbs soaking wet) as our waitress went through the plastic covered long page, showing us fried this and fried that and fried this and heavy meats and ended with the pepperoni pizza.

We avoided her favorites and chose to share the purple and black kale salad, the crispy tuna sushi roll, the mussels with classic white, and the chicken taco with the puffy corn shell.  The sizes were hefty, we just wanted tastes of each and believe me, we were thoroughly thrilled, satisfied and satisated.  I can never find crispy tuna rolls, this was perfect, I had 3 pieces of the roll, I ate plenty of the mussels, were were perfectly cooked, the broth light and tasty, the kale salad was flavorful (and large) and crispy, nutty, and the tacos were perfect, that shell is a must (and very popular according to our server).  The chicken was savory with plenty of cilantro and spice.  Frankly, it was a delightful experience, we had good service, and the food was spot on.  We stayed for hours and were probably among the last dinner diners to leave.

I would absolutely recommend Farmers Fishers Bakers and cannot wait to return. Maybe I’ll even hit the rink after.

*Reservations highly recommended. Ask for a booth along the window line, try a variety of tastes from the menu, and some of their special cocktails.  Near the bar is very high energy and loud, so if you are looking for a quiet conversation, request something away from the bar and the door. If that doesn’t bother you, go for the center of the fun!

Chef Joe Goetze, Senior Executive Chef, Lisa Marie Frantz, Executive Chef

3000 K Street, NW http://www.farmersfishersbakers.com. Farmers Fishers Bakers is Green, Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly. 

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