Punch Pick: Karin Tanabe’s “The List”

Karin Tanabe's Book Party for "The List"

The author Karin Tanabe

And to think there are SECRETS in Washington? Say it isn’t so. I thought this was the town of transparency, right? Obviously, I’m being a tad bit facetious, after all, the nation’s capital was declared by Forbes to be the capital of marriage infidelity.  After living in the area since 1990, I figure one reason why no reality shows do well in D.C. metro is because we don’t WANT anyone to know anything about us.  It’s all hush hush.  One might think that it’s because the town is a below-the-Mason Dixon line, conservative large village and turns its nose up at the tackiness of exploitation (unless it’s hard hitting journalism or a Sunday morning shouting-head show and the topic is “sequestration”-again), but one might also think, it’s because it has skeletons in its antique closet.

Or maybe a bit of both worlds.

Karin Tanabe's Book Party for "The List"

Michael Clements and Anchyi Wei

At any rate, we love when our friends write fictional stories that bring us one step closer to the ‘huh/no way/are you kidding me/how long did you survive that?’ world of media, politics, events and the crazy interesting, highly-educated people behind it.  One such friend is Karin Tanabe, whom I met when she was working for the long standing social magazine, Washington Life. We even had the chance to share in a television spot counting down the most stylish in town.  Karin, how moved onto a bit more serious outlet, POLITICO, released her much anticipated book (which I am currently engrossed in) “The List”, which tells in the first person, the story of a Adrienne Brown, who leaves NYC and her posh position at Town & Country to move back home with her parents and take on a job with a more serious outlet “The Capitalist”.  I’m just at the part where she’s being thrown into the frantic paced literal 24/7 lifestyle of living, breathing, eating, sleeping, peeing “The List” – for fear of losing her job or even worse, being shunned by coworkers and management (who wouldn’t know her name anyway).  Karin keeps we the readers engaged with self-effacing wit, dry humor, candor and plenty of metaphors and similes that make us think, oh, been there, done that.

Karin Tanabe's Book Party for "The List"

Karin Tanabe's Book Party for "The List"

We gathered to meet her parents, share in a toast, and get our books signed last week at the very cool gallery space on 14th Street, Contemporary Wing, owned by Lauren Gentile, who, we found out, makes her own appearance in the book on page 11.  Yes folks, be on the look out for characters you might know, if you are friends with Karin.

We loved the gallery, so do please check it out and let Lauren know the Punch sent you.

Karin Tanabe's Book Party for "The List"
It’s unputtdownable thus far and we congratulate Karin and cannot wait to read her NEXT book … or see “The List” on the big screen.

Get your own HERE. We’ll be back with a review!

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