Save the Date for An Evening with Common Threads “Chefs Celebrating Children in the Kitchen” : April 26th

Save the Date for An Evening with Common Threads “Chefs Celebrating Children in the Kitchen” : April 26th

I’m a firm believer in things happening for a reason and timing is everything and things end up the way they are supposed to and people end up with whom they are supposed to be. Ok, perhaps that allows the universe to take a bit more control than some folks like to let it.  But, I also find that there are ways to “make things happen”.  Contradictory? Perhaps, but the older I get and hopefully wiser, the more I am at peace in the fine balance of finding energy to begin an action then guide and steer it, and allowing certain things to fall into place.

Let me explain. When I was flying back from Aspen, one of the magazines which Jason set in front of me was Food & Wine.  While I am a fan of fine dining and wining, I typically don’t flip (as in never) through F&W only because it has recipes, which frankly, have no place in my brain.  I leave those to the pros. But, as I had already read the other glossies and was quickly starting to become a “are we there yet?” five-year old, I chose to pick it up and considered perusing the pretty food porn.

One of the first pages I landed upon was an article about chefs making a change (HERE).  Immediately, I recognized several of these faces (Jose Andres with ThinkFoodGroup, Emeril Lagasse with his Foundation and with whom I cooked on the Emeril Green show “Department of Energy”, and Art Smith who has Common Threads, among others).  Each of these chefs/activists were being featured because of the charities they had started and F&W created a coalition, placing them on it.  The article put emphasis on chefs, their causes, and a recipe.  I was fascinated partly because I am such a fan of chefs, particularly those who use their work to do good.  Healthy eating and nutrition (I’ve been a vegetarian for 3 full years now) has been an interest of mine especially in urban areas and underprivileged neighborhoods (there are many a suburban region in Northern Virginia and rural areas where people are hungry and malnourished).

I ripped out the pages showcasing three chefs with whom I felt a connection, Jose because of his being based in DC and I have supported the Capital Food Fight for years, been to DC Central Kitchen and love his work (and food) and Art Smith because I attended the first Pink Tie Party years ago which was chaired by Chef Smith at Art & Soul and the Liaison Capitol Hill.  Read  When I met him, he was not the slimmed down married version that he is today, and that, I admire and respect (here, the finding energy to begin an action!).  Not five days later post-returning from Aspen, I received a note from Danielle Tergis, who brought up Common Threads and Art Smith, Common Threads being his charity.  Talk about timing.  I was moved as the work Common Threads does resonates with me.  Talk about timing! We discussed the involvement of the Punch and so here we are today:

We at the Punch are pleased to be the official social media sponsor of the quickly approaching An Evening with Common Threads “Chefs Celebrating Children in the Kitchen” benefiting the charity which will take place on Thursday, April 26th at the Liaison Capitol Hill, hosted by Art Smith.

Common Threads Save the Date 2012

About Common Threads: We teach low-income children to cook wholesome and affordable meals because we believe that through our hands-on cooking classes we can help prevent childhood obesity and reverse the trend of generations of non-cookers, while celebrating our cultural differences and the things people all over the world have in common.

Our mission is to educate children on the importance of nutrition and physical well-being, and to foster an appreciation of cultural diversity through cooking. We help bridge cultural boundaries and strengthen our global family by teaching children about their similarities and differences in the warm comfort of the kitchen: Through the simple process of preparing and sharing a nutritious meal, children who participate in our programs learn to connect with their bodies, their neighbors, and their world in bite-sized lessons.


On Monday, March 19th, the Punch will be attending a Common Threads class at Culinaerie in DC where we will be able to see first hand what this organization does to educate kids through cooking.  I have faith that I will learn even more than these children.  We’ll be back with photos and video to share of this extraordinary class visit.

Learn more about Common Threads HERE and please do join us on April 26th.

About Pamela Sorensen:
Pamela Lynne Sorensen is the founder of Pamela’s Punch, a platform for profiling people who "make it happen" in the Capital region, reviews & topical blog posts. She launched Punch Enterprises, a connector consulting business in 2015 and Pacific Punch based in LA, in 2012. Pamela comes from an extensive background in sales and business development from a variety of industries, has been involved with charities and fundraising for a number of years and holds several Board and leadership positions. She currently resides in Arlington, VA. Follow her on Twitter at @pamelaspunch.
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