SAX Lounge & Restaurant Preview Party

SAX Lounge & Restaurant Preview Party

Andrew Stover SAX Director of Wine Marketing and Lori

By Punch Passport Correspondent Lori González Lazzarini

Last night I went to SAX Lounge & Restaurant preview party.  I decided to wear a really vibrant and colorful outfit because everything that I had heard about SAX so far via Twitter, Facebook, and press releases were associated with the words: scandalous, provocative, and ostentatious. So since I never want to feel left out, I choose to wear on an orange colored outfit.


A live performance

a live performance for the guests

a live performance for the guests


provocative paintings abound …

SAX is located at 734 11th St. NW, so I decided to walk there because that is how close SAX is from my apartment, like a five minute walk.  Meanwhile, on my way to SAX I’m thinking this closeness could turn out to be dangerous if I really like this place, if you know what I mean.  Particularly when the lounge will open seven days a week, but by reservation only.

Finally, I arrived at SAX and I’m not sure if I can be able to find the perfect words to describe my feelings towards SAX.  It was like how love at first sight must feel.  Just by the look of the entrance, I felt kind of how Renee Zellweger felt with Tom Cruise speech in “Jerry Maguire” when she told him “You had me at hello.”  Well, “SAX had me at the door.”


a booth



Designed by Maggie O’Neill of O’Neill Studios, SAX is unlike any other places I have ever been before, and I’ve been to a few places.  It was like not being in Washington.  Provocative doesn’t even begin to define it.  You need to imagine a place that combines sensuality, outrageousness, and grandiose and multiply it by ten.   I loved it!  It was kinda my dream/fantasy to be in a place that resembles “Fangtasia” the vampires nightclub from the TV series True Blood, and SAX made it come true.

The interior is amazing: shocking paintings, beautiful red couches that were extremely comfy, breathtaking chandeliers.  It was unreal.  The main bar is located right underneath the 20-foot enclosed infinity stage in which erotic and magnificent performances were showing all night, almost every 15 minutes.  One of the things that I loved the most was that from anywhere you position yourself inside SAX, first or second floor, seating or standing, you could enjoy the view of the live performances in the stage.   Believe me I checked.


another provocative painting

The glamorous attendants were passing out samples of SAX’s dinner menu all night.   SAX’s menu is modern French-influenced, and consists of satisfying small plates meant to be enjoyed without utensils, of which I ate., I’m pretty sure that almost all the menu, and was fascinated by all.  The drinks were out of this world delicious and I’m also pretty sure I tried every drink in the menu.

So by this point my bff Eduardo and I were hypnotized by the riveting view of the costumed cabaret performers and feeling very atone with the whole SAX package of ambiance, lavish exclusiveness, and hotness.  And then, we had the opportunity to meet Andrew Stover, SAX’s Sommelier, which quickly served us two glasses of SEX.  Yes, you read it right!  I drank SEX last night at SAX, which is some sort of luscious champagne that you can only properly enjoy when drinking it at SAX.

SAX its opening its doors tomorrow, Friday, May 13th, and if I were you I would make reservations ASAP, because this is the one place in DC that you really don’t want to miss.

P.S. On Sunday evenings, the entertainment will cater to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

**Post and photos by Punch Passport Correspondent Loreana S. González Lazzarini,, @lory_dc. By day Lori is a CPA at an international accounting firm and when she can, she continues to fill up her passport with her numerous globe trotting travels.***

About Loreana S. González Lazzarini:
Post and photos by Punch Pioneer Correspondent Loreana S. González Lazzarini,, @lory_dc. By day Lori is a CPA at an international accounting firm but has a passion for the entrepreneurial spirit, advanced technology, and the continuing landscape of startups.
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