“Stop Playing Safe” with Margie Warrell hosted by Ladies DC

“Stop Playing Safe” with Margie Warrell hosted by Ladies DC

Margie May 11

By Punch Pep Correspondent Elizabeth Fischer

This Saturday, May 11th, step up and out, leave your comfort zone and the routine, make this day selfishly about you (a little present I promise will keep on giving), and spend the afternoon with Margie Warrell.  “Take the challenge to live and lead with greater courage!”  Learn through a dynamic discussion the secrets to female leadership.

Margie Warrell is a leadership coach extraordinaire specializing in the support of women in leadership.  She is also a media commentator, international keynote speaker and the bestselling author of Stop Playing Safe (Wiley 2013) and Find Your Courage (McGraw-Hill 2009).  Last, but certainly not least, she is the mother of four children.

I first learned of Margie Warrell when I attended the 1st Women Leading the Future Conference in 2011.  Margie was promoting her book “Find Your Courage: 12 Acts for Becoming Fearless at Work and in Life.”  I had the honor of meeting Margie and that meeting changed my life for the better.  As a female in a male dominated world without true mentorship, it was refreshing to speak with an accomplished female who was open, visible and honest.  I grabbed a copy of her book and read it each time I was on the metro.  I began incorporating her advice in my everyday life.  I am happy to report, through a bit of messy trial and error, because, let’s face it, washing ourselves of years of the sameness is not easy, that I speak up more on my behalf (not for a client or on a client’s behalf– that part was easy) with an influential, strong, powerful, and courageous voice.  I still make mistakes but I have always valued the power of learning.  I also find myself more aware of the behaviors and mindsets/judgments that are so easy to voice but so detrimental.  Her book put into perspective what I knew on some level but needed a bit more affirmation.  Margie Warrell provided that affirmation.  I am looking forward to reading her second book.

Forbes Magazine recently featured a piece written by Margie Warrell titled “What’s Keeping So Many Smart Women from Climbing the Ladder?”  In the article, she mentions that “At face value, the numbers just don’t add up.  Women graduate from college at a rate of 3 to 2 over men and make up almost half of our workforce.  But according to two new surveys by nonprofit research group Catalyst, women fill just 16.6% of the Fortune 500’s board seats – a figure that has remained the same since 2004.  These same companies employ an even smaller percentage of female executive officers – just 14.3% (with no growth at all over the past 3 years).  And 2011 and 2012 Catalyst surveys show that 10% of the Fortune 500 companies have NO women on their boards. Not one!”

She understands that “clearly structural problems, institutional mind-sets, unconscious bias and life-style choices can be attributed to some of the failure of women to break through that proverbial “glass ceiling.”  However, she concedes in her experience, working with women in middle to senior management roles, that many women are still unwittingly holding themselves back, confining themselves to a “glass cage” through their own thinking.”

She acknowledges that while the above may be the case, “the light is now streaming on through, despite the barriers women still face!”  She recognizes “that cracking that ceiling open once and for all will demand that women courageously challenge both the perspectives they bring into the workplace and the actions they are willing to take to grow their leadership ability in 3 key areas:

  • Mindset:  A fundamental shift into a leader mindset
  • Capacity:  Intentionally cultivating habits that build resilience and grow leadership capacity
  • Courage:  A willingness to step into difficult conversations with greater candor and boldness”

To read the entire article, visit: http://www.forbes.com/sites/margiewarrell/2013/05/03/whats-keeping-so-many-smart-women-from-climbing-the-ladder/2/

So ladies, are you ready to take the steps that will bring positive change?  That will allow you to live a life of courage at home and at work?  If so, then take this opportunity to meet Margie Warrell in person and join Ladies DC and women from around the city (perhaps even women from other cities) on Saturday.  Complete details below:

DATE:                       Saturday, May 11, 2013

TIME:                       1 to 3 p.m.

LOCATION:            Washington Club on 15 Dupont Circle NW

For tickets visit: http://rethinkrisk.eventbrite.com

SPECIAL:  Bring your mother and the two of you can attend for only $40.00.

Finally, if the above isn’t enticing enough, local entrepreneur Yael of Baked by Yael will provide cake pops for the coffee reception.  See you Saturday!

About Elizabeth Fischer:
Attorney Elizabeth Fischer is Punch Pep Correspondent. She is working as an Entrepreneur, Lawyer and Student (environmental studies), covering events for Pamela’s Punch as a generalist correspondent. When she is not working, studying or playing soccer or tennis, she is walking her pups, traveling the globe, running marathons, and enjoying all DC has to offer. Contact her at elizabethfischer15@yahoo.com.
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