Sugarwish: Like a Kid in a Candy Store.


There is nary a week that passes when I don’t have to seek out a gift for someone.  Some folks have  closets or drawers or boxes full of “last minute gifts” but after awhile, you realize you giving everyone you know the same candle or book or frame.  Gift giving has got to not only be easier on the giver, but more fun for the receiver.

Enter Sugarwish (and may I insert here that I do not have a sweet tooth, but about 99.99% of my friends do).

Sugarwish is a sweet new idea in online gifting and is really simple. It was created by two busy moms who wanted to give thoughtful gifts, that were also easy and convenient.

The gift giver logs on to, selects a box size and enters the recipient’s information to deliver an instant online candygram. The recipient gets to select their favorite sweet treats from 100 choices, which are then boxed up and shipped immediately.

Tah dah! Now that is simple, a few clicks of the button and all done.  I received my first Sugarwish the other day (see photos) and it was fun scrolling through the different candies and choosing. Because I am not the proud owner of a sweet tooth, I will share these goodies with others and also have out in a candy dish for guests to nibble on when visiting. Perfect and sweet. Wish. Granted.

Try your own Sugarwish gift. Fan on Facebook Follow @Sugarwish1.




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