Tech Cocktail Sessions with Paul Singh & Jodi McDermott

Tech Cocktail Sessions with Paul Singh & Jodi McDermott


attendees mixing and mingling before the speakers begin

By Punch Passport Correspondent Loreana S. Gonzalez Lazzarini 

Recently, I attended one of the Tech Cocktail Sessions at Capital One Labs in Clarendon.  The Keynote Speakers, Paul Singh of 500 Startups and Jodi McDermott of comScore were incredible.  They shared their experiences on how they became the successful entrepreneurs they are today, in a user-friendly way which provided valuable lessons for a startup.


Justin Thorp

Singh is an entrepreneur and investor based in San Francisco and Washington, DC.  He founded/co-founded five companies over the past ~10 years and successfully exited three of them.  He mentioned that “Notability is more important than credibility.” And “Be vertical, first go local than go global.”


Ms. McDermott shares her story

McDermott is responsible for developing and managing comScore’s Digital Analytix software as a service platform.

The popular and content filled Tech Cocktail keeps raising the bar with their speakers and and well attended events.  These events are definitely ones to strongly consider for learning and networking. 

Upcoming Events:

September 19th– Tech Cocktails DC Mixer and Startup Showcase @ 1776

October 16th– Tech Cocktail DC Sessions @ 1776

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