The Clinton Foundation’s Millennium Network at The Hamilton

Clinton Millennium Network at The Hamilton

the enthusiastic crowd

If you drove or walked by the 600 block of 14th Street last Monday early evening, you would have thought it was a throwback to a yuppy conference. On either side of The Hamilton Live’s entrance which is located on F, stood a crowd in a mish mash of “lines”. The 20-30 somethings (aka Millenniums) dressed as all young up and coming serious Washington professionals do (who of course have a political activist bent/passion): navy suits, button downs, skirt suits, sensible shoes. Ok, I just made a quick clumping. I did manage to find a few fashion standouts. But hey, it was a Monday in Washington, D.C., a smartphone’s throw away from the White House, so who was going to waste a Thursday night outfit on that?

Clinton Millennium Network at The Hamilton

Taylor Carson

Except, if you wanted to stand out amongst the hundreds and hundreds of Bill and Chelsea fans. Tickets for this special event “A Night Out with Bill and Chelsea Clinton” went faster than a LivingSocial double deal and some sponsors gave up several thousands of dollars to be part of this and to have some time with the man and daughter themselves (and photo opp!).  The night offered up lots of cocktail hour talk, an open bar, more pizza than Dominos makes on a day (the poor servers could barely walk out of the kitchen without being attacked by these hungry millenniums) a concert by singer songwriter Taylor Carson and post-Q&A session on stage with Chelsea and her father, President Clinton, a … gasp, concert by ‘Call Me, Maybe”‘s Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen. Oh what a Monday night!

Clinton Millennium Network at The Hamilton

Bill and Chelsea

The father-daughter act is one that translates on the road quite easily; since 2007, the Millennium Network has held events in Brooklyn, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and San Francisco. Each event draws more than 1,000 attendees, and the program includes remarks by President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton and a performance by a special musical guest.

This crowd listened on the edge of their feet (because there were no seats) like the words of both were gospel. They talked a bit, showed a video and answered questions that were tweeted then vetted, concisely, with purpose, eloquently and passionately.

The future leaders (and current young ones who refuse to wait for age to take over) were moved to motivate and activate after the night.  Learn more about the Millennium Network:

Inspired by President Clinton’s vision to encourage the next generation to address global challenges, the Millennium Network invites future leaders and philanthropists to get involved in the work of the Clinton Foundation — improving global health, strengthening economies, promoting healthier childhoods, and protecting the environment.

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